Eight years later…

My black sleeves are finally complete. We started them on a dare — it was quite literally Shane saying to me “hey Shannon, I dare you to tattoo your arms black” and me showing up the next day with a design that started this whole thing. We finished the initial design within about six months I think, and then added the hand tattoos, which made me want to lengthen the arm part, which was filled much more slowly, with a couple multi-year gaps. But it really feels good to have it done.

Next we're going to finish my Frank (Jim Woodring) sleeve next (Jim's wife quite likes it, but Jim himself is rather freaked out at the notion of his creations living in tattoos I think)… One of my short term goals is to get that arm done this winter, and, if I can complete the other sleeve as well that would be amazing… But that's a lot of work so who knows. But definitely the one arm will be done.

All this is of course by Toronto's top outlaw tattoo artist, Shane Faulkner (of Church of the Redeemer fame) at King of Fools (very out-dated website). When I got there the place was chock full of rock stars, which was a good coincidence because I was able to ask a zillion real-world questions about licensing music rights to movies (they've all had tons of their work in films)… More on that next week.

Anyway, I'm off now to enjoy some of what British Columbia has to offer this world, eat a pineapple (I mean that literally, it's not a perverse colloquialism… I really like pineapple lately), and watch Mad Mad House. Reviewers are panning it, but I'm looking forward to at least checking it out. And then at 11PM I'll watch Survivor, which at least has the reality TV artform totally figured out at this point from a storytelling point of view.

And then I start prepping for tomorrow's image update. Something like 6,500 images are waiting in the queue, so I hope I can beat that down a little before morning.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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