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And on that note, I'm off to get tattooed!

If tattoos are cool,
DIY tattoos are even cooler, right?

“All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it.”

- H.L. Mencken

The media has been full of stories recently warning parents and teens about the dangers of home-made tattoos, but they fail to realize what’s going through the minds of teens when they see these stories. Instead of discouraging do-it-yourself tattoos, these articles make them even more desirable.

The man: Do-it-yourself tattoos are dangerous and look bad.

Teen: Tattoos? Cool!

The man: Maybe you didn’t hear me. They’re dangerous.

Teen: My middle name is danger. Bring it on!

The man: They look bad though. Look at this tattoo!

Teen: If by “bad”, you mean “BAD ASS!” See you later dad, I’m going to my room... to get a tattoo.

So basically these articles tell kids that tattoos, especially DIY tattoos, have an underground or outlaw status, and then top it off by showing the kids a super-cute skull and crossbones tatty as a “warning”. If I was still a teen, articles like these would make me head out to the garage and take file to coat hanger to make myself an impromptu tattoo torture device and then scrawl out some hip little icon on myself.


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