Getting tattooed

Not today; next Thursday is my next appointment. I really like going to get tattooed for a lot of reasons. One that might not be obvious is that I love seeing gay men together. Not because I feel a secret draw or anything like that, but because I believe homosexual love is a more pure form of love both because it has overcome immense adversity, and because it is less instinctual form of love. Now, that's not true of course — I'm using the wrong word, I can't think of the right one — most of us I think would agree that it's just as genetic and just as predetermined. I mean that on the same philosophical level that a penis is more of an instrument of love after it has been subincised because it is no longer a functional vessel for urine.

Yeah, I'm chock full of crazy ideas*.

I've been thinking about adding a new section to my IAM page… A daily “someone I admire/respect” post about people I know. I was thinking about trying to do it as a year, I thought I might learn a lot about the way I think about my relations with other people. I was just a little worried that people would be offended at being singled out (at least for 24 hours).

Anyway, I'm capturing video all day (RI SusCon footage mostly) for the movie.

* The penis/subincision idea isn't mine; it belongs to “J”, one of the first (and one of the coolest and sanest) subincised men I met… His writings inspired hundreds if not thousands of men to do the same. I just extended the general reasoning farther out into Shannon's crazyland.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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