Punishing the innocent

So schools in Merrilville, Indiana have banned all use of the color pink, fearing that it might be a gang color — clothing retailers have warned that because pink is “in” this season, gang members might buy it as well — Michael Berta, the school superintended points out, “There is no evidence of gang activity. But because of the growing use of the color pink we decided to be proactive. Girls and boys are supposed to avoid wearing pink.”

Thus 6,500 students have been told they can't wear it, nor can they have it in the form of accessories… Not because it's linked to a crime, but because it might be in the future in some extremely small way. What kind of a world do we live in where governments ban people from wearing a certain COLOR because some anti-social citizens like it as well?

Why can't America remember its founding credo? The less laws, the better.

It's all a part of a bigger game of systematically taking away people's rights. You think these ridiculous bans on pink, on piercings, on whatever, that eventually get thrown out by the courts, are just MISFIRES? Think again. Slowly, bit by bit, they are conditioning people to accept a state of being where rights eroding is normal. We're on the down-curve of the civil rights “trend” unless we do something to hold onto them.

Let me rewind to gun rights.

When America was founded, it was rebelling against a government (even if it was a theocracy) which controlled its people through a powerful standing army and a disarmed citizenry. Because of this, America supported militias and gun ownership in the early days, because they were wary of the tyranny of government. But then America developed large government, and with it tyranny (and South Carolina tried to take away the guns of blacks who defended themselves against the Klan, etc). Blah, blah, blah.

Let me interject and say that when I was 12, one of my brother's best friends had his head blown off while he and his brother were playing with their father's moose hunting rifle. I've had other friends die from guns, as well as farm accidents and other things. Life is dangerous, and I don't have a problem with that. Some people die earlier than I'd like, but trying to pretend that the world is risk-free is not the solution. Kids should learn to play with fire safely and responsibly and with respect… not fear it blindly!

Anyway, take “safe storage” laws where you have to keep your guns locked up and unloaded — with those our friend would still have his skull (not that kids can't find keys). You know what, if you're going to do that, keep your guns at the range. There's no reason to have guns at home if you just have them locked up. My feeling is that guns should be out and accessible, otherwise they're not useful tools.

I'm sure many of you know the story of the Carpenter family… Five kids (four girls, and a 7 year old boy), two parents, and all trained in gun handling and safety. Their home had loaded guns in accessible locations and all of the kids knew how to defend themselves (the older ones anyway). However, laws were changed, and because the Carpenters were law-abiding people, they unloaded their guns and started storing them in locked cabinets that the kids couldn't get at.

One morning, after the father had left for work and the mother had stepped out for a minute, something terrible happened. The kids were waiting for their grandmother to come to take them to school, but they heard what sounded like furniture moving, and then the phone rang and someone answered it… Jessica, the oldest daughter, went downstairs to see if their grandmother had arrived, but instead saw that the patio doors had been blockaded with furniture and all the shades had been drawn. She then noticed the meth-head with the pitchfork.

Jessica ran upstairs and locked herself in her room, and tried to call for help but the phone lines had been cut. She heard a scream from her sisters, but jumped out the window to run for help. In the meantime, the intruder broke into her sisters room and started stabbing. All the exits to the house had been blocked other than the windows. Two more girls managed to escape through the windows, but the other two had already been murdered by the time the police had aerated the body of Jonathan Bruce with a hail of 13 bullets.

Three Americans dead — two murdered because the government treated normal people like criminals instead of citizens. Do not tolerate laws that punish good people for the actions of bad people. To put it another way, do not allow the government to take away your rights because you are afraid of what other people might do with their rights. Are you a slave? Is freedom too much for you? Do you need to be protected against yourself? Are you a caged animal that needs a zookeeper? Or are you a human?

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