Well then…

So Bush says that the world should expect violence in Iraq to escalate in the next little while (more). I believe the expression is “no shit, Sherlock”.

In a short period we've ramped up from one American a day being killed over there to ten a day being killed in Iraq — and that doesn't count the ten men with blown off limbs and other non-fatality casualties for every dead man (more). Now, thanks to dumb-ass moves like this bullshit in Fallujah, it's just going to escalate and get a whole lot worse for all the kids over there (to say nothing of the Iraqis daily hell).

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Fallujah is one of the many regions that the American troops felt were too dangerous, so instead of putting up their own positions there, they used local and imported civilian labor — human shields that is — around their own positions. The US troops would then go out on daily “terror runs” and basically drive around threatening the locals and trying to keep them in line with fear… Then, of course, they snapped and, like a beaten dog, attacked the weakest thing near them — the dead contractors who we've all seen the brutal footage of lately.

Anyway, now the US is saying they've going to contain the entire city, effectively making the single stupidest move in anti-guerrilla strategy: They've suddenly converted most of that city to the “side” of the guerrillas (more). I mean, Fallujah isn't some little crappy desert village. It's a city about the same size as BOSTON* for fucks sake. This is how you build a resistance movement, by attacking civilian cities wholesale. This is where guerrillas come from.

I hate making this comparison, but it's important to note that the death rates for this war are spiking a lot harder and a lot faster than Vietnam… And the problem is that the neo-con Cabal has effectively engineered a war to which there is no exit strategy. Thanks.

* Although I suspect the rent is lower.

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