Bad world

You know, when tribal groups who've spent a thousand years fighting each other call a truce to kill Americans (more), maybe it's time to start taking the news a bit more seriously? I hear so many people saying things like “I've stopped watching the news because of this…” Death rates are way up for US troops (more), and their helicopters keep getting shot down (more). Al-Sadr's militia is capturing more territory (more), with at least two cities under his rule. And, American troops have gone back to getting bad press for imprecise killings of women and children (more), which really doesn't help!

Other than that, back at home, more Americans are being told they can't fly and other random rights suspensions (more) in order to “fight terror”. The US is also pouring a ton of money into land mines research, work that almost every other nation on the planet has decried as monstrous (more). In addition, because the world is an increasingly violent place, countries need their weapons — so the US is pushing through changes to its export laws to allow arms dealers to more readily sell high-end US weapons to future enemies (more). Don't like it? You know where the diesel fuel is, and you know where the fertilizer is.

Oh, and you thought that crazy North Korea, with its 1.1 million person standing army, over double the size of the US army (122,000 in special forces alone), just waiting to shove bayonets into the guts of high school kids that just thought joining the army was the only job they could get, was last years story? Think again… US troops are currently in training for the brutal urban combat that is being planned (more)… Suicidal… The US needs to bite the bullet and either pull out of these combats (and face the consequences) or simply start with the nuclear carpet bombing.

Financially those are the only two options.

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