The destroyer of worlds…

2004/04/10 10:08 I keep reminding people of this, but North Korea is still a ticking time bomb (more), again threatening a nuclear catastrophe. The problem with North Korea, in my eyes, is that it's a fundamentally uninvadable country. We literally can not stop North Korea from building nukes or anything else they feel like doing — their military is literally larger than all of Europe and the United States and Canada added up. That's in terms of raw manpower, including special forces.

What that means is that if North Korea ever does erupt (and it could stay squawking chicken forever, but I doubt it), it can be played in one of two ways — first; massive invasion force, requiring the draft and probably the death of 1,000,000 American troops at a minimum. The other option is to level the country, border to border, using America's enormous nuclear arsenal. AGAIN I SAY: FOLLOW THE MONEY. That's how you see the future. The big military money is still being spent on big weapons for big war.

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