August 29, 1997: 2:14 AM EST

A new image update (2,236 new pictures) has just been posted, bringing us almost entirely up to date. Thanks to Louis Fleischauer of AMF for being on the cover (check out his upcoming show in LA), and to everyone who helped out. Anyway, I've still got a bunch of programming to do today… I'm trying to get my plate a little clear so I can get some work done on the simulator before the video editing gear comes back and I have to get to work on that.

Oh, and while I found this article on Google's future as a megacomputer fascinating (and possible), I have my own prediction as to what they're working on: automated magazines. I believe they are working on a tool that will collect data from all over the web a la Google Images and Google News, and construct custom magazines on any subject you want. It will be an important feature legally because of the way it challenges copyright (many have argued they're already pushing their luck with their image search).

I also think it's possible that Google will never do an IPO. Why should they? They have an operating budget that's large enough that they don't need it, and staying a private corporation gives them a lot of power to operate silently, which would help them avoid some of the lawsuits Microsoft has suffered. The article I linked there predicts that Google could become the world's largest corporation within 5-8 years. I agree, it's possible, but if that happens, I also predict that we'll be royally fucked and hate ourselves for having allowed it to come to be.

PS. Non-IAM-members: the bug blocking you from reading all of The Lizardman's page has been fixed.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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