Why you pay income tax in simple terms…

…and why we have another French Revolution around the corner.

(Since Kallen asked…) I've talked here fairly regularly about how wealthy bankers and arms dealers escalated and maneuvered nations into WWI. It's not a secret or a conspiracy, just history. Once in these wars, countries had to borrow enormous amounts of money from these bankers in order to buy weaponry (from them as well) and finance the war.

Income tax — then “war tax” — was instituted to pay for this sudden surge in government spending. The government found itself in debt to these bankers, and after the war, income tax fraudulently stayed on to pay for the interest on these loans. Now, almost a hundred years later, that debt has grown just a little every year, and the payments due keep rising. According to the Grace Commission, excluding that which is lost and wasted in beaurocracy, all of the money collected from income taxes goes to pay off the descendents of these private lenders.

Or, to put it another way, your great, great grandparents borrowed a lot of money from someone else's great, great grandparents to fight a war. Now, because of that, you have to pay a third of all the money you make to those people's great great grandchildren — who did nothing but be born with the right last name. Not only that, but your children will have to pay this debt, as will their children after them, to these lucky heirs… and not a cent of that income tax you pay will go to schools or roads or anything else (all that comes from other taxes and the gutting of various resources) — and if you refuse to pay it, you have your assets seized and you go to prison.

My feeling is that everyone who pays taxes should give serious consideration for suing the government for every cent you've paid them. Why should you have to be a lifelong debtor because an ancestor of yours a hundred years ago made a bad decision?

Are you a member of a slave race, doomed as your parents were doomed, and your children will be doomed as well? Think about it.

Anyway, I'm off to the casino. I'll be back in two days.

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