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Iraq is at a dangerous turning point in Falluja. The military is continuing to hemorrhage corpses, losing 59 US troops and contractors defending oil installations yesterday, and sailors are dying as suicide boat attacks are launched. Americans killed about 30 insurgents last night in Falluja, and residents report that the US is using “collective punishment” and killing civilians (and killing journalists) when they can't get at combatants — 600 or so just in the suburbs of Falluja. 60,000 people have already fled the Boston-sized metropolis (many dying in the process), as one survivor describes:

We were nearly bombed by the Americans when we tried to leave on Friday. Bombs fell in front and behind us, so we had to turn back. Saturday we were lucky to escape. There were so many snipers, anyone leaving their house was killed... I saw two of my neighbors shot by US snipers when I went outside one time. I also saw some of the small cluster bombs on the ground that were dropped by the warplanes of the Americans. Most times, we were too afraid even to look out of our windows.

The US has scrapped what little government it had in Iraq, with no idea who the power should be handed to on “June 30″… With Falluja currently under seige, Bush has one of his toughest decisions in Iraq — should America kill 500,000 people to “free” them from the violence of the invasion (ie. fighting terrorism with terrorism)? Bush has vowed that “America will never be run out of Iraq by a bunch of thugs and killers”, but what he leaves out is that those thugs and killers are the people of Iraq. This ludicrous myth that it's “just a few rebels” is foolish to anyone who looks at the demographics of those groups, or knows anything about the politics of guerrilla warfare.

Solution? More dead Americans. It doesn't seem like a very good solution to me, but hey, you won't have any choice in the matter, what with the return of the draft in spring 2005 (or not)… You know, when the US government is willing to execute its own citizens in order to do nothing but make the multi-national corporations money, you know things have gone terribly wrong.

I can not emphasize Luke 22:36 enough.

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