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Blood on the moon

So I just took Leeta out for a walk and as I'm getting out of the elevator I see some old lady and her fucked up poodle. It's a fat black poodle-esque dog about the same size as Leeta, but with serious territory mangement issues. Every time I see it, it barks and snarls like crazy, and the owner jokes “oh, just ignore him, he thinks he owns the place.”

Now, that's fine when the dog is leashed, but she decided to not bother even leashing her dog so it of course came straight at Leeta, all-teeth and a fog of blood-starved saliva. I kicked the attacking dog in the gut and it hit the wall a few feet away. It jumped back up and came at me and Leeta again — the owner was just standing fifteen feet away doing nothing, not even telling her dog to stop — so I kicked the poodle again, throwing it into the elevator when it stayed.

The dog's owner was yelling at me, “why did you have to kick my dog?”

I simply replied deadpan, “if this happens again I will kill your dog in front of you,” and walked off.

And I meant it.

“Yeah, well you own a pitbull,” was her brilliant retort after I'd rounded the corner.

Because there is a chance I may actually be put in a position of having to make true on my threat (if she doesn't start leashing her psychotic dog), I've placed a pre-emptive call to building management filing a complaint against the woman and her dog. I don't care if she wants to have a violent dog. That's her problem. But she can't have it running off leash when there are responsible pet owners in this building… to say nothing of the dozens of babies and small children that live in this building. Make all the noise about mastiffs, rotties, pits, but the fact is it's these little dogs that mutilate children statistically.

And before anyone points out that I'm a vegan and a pacifist, let me point out that I barely keep my violence under wraps, and it is my capacity to do great harm to others that draws me to pacifism. If someone invades my space or puts me or someone or something I care about in harms way, I am more than willing to temporarly ease the restraints.

Not that I have any desire to kill some dog that's effectively being abused by its owner! Personally I'd rather gut, skin, and butcher the owner and cook their flesh into soup for homeless people Rakowitz-style, but they tell me that's not permitted. Hell, they've shown me that even talking about it too seriously gets you put on a lot of unpleasant drugs and strapped to a bed.

End of entry.

Corvette update

First, here's a good fact checking of Condi Rice's Q&A in front of the 9-11 commission. Here's some more fact checking, this time on her opening statement. When I say “Condi has a hot ass”, what I actually mean is that her pants caught on fire during her testimony.

So it gurgled a little when we changed the oil, and a bit of water had gotten into the engine. The carb was also a little sticky, but a quick clean and it was fine. No damage to the supercharger or other systems, and it fired right up and got up to pressure without difficulty. There's a problem somewhere in the hydraulic system though which is affecting the lights (Corvette light pods are hydraulically actuated) and the brakes, so that's next on the list. But I am really relieved to find out there's no fundamental engine damage. 700+ HP is a lot of engine to lose… Anyway, after the engine and brake work, it goes in for suspension and tires, and then, if I can afford it, tattoos paint.

How many points is it for an old lady again?

On the presses

First: If you are a contributing BME/extreme member that is known to me, and you are in need of injectables and you were under the impression they were no longer available, feel free to contact me personally for access.

Now, you may have already seen this elsewhere, but the screens are made… again… for this shirt design. This time I think we really aced it. The print has a black backing as well and is really slick (and big). They'll run at the start of the week as far as I know. (Comments?)

Mosque attacks

I'm really not sure that if this new US policy of bombing Mosques in Iraq is going to fly. I realize that guerilla forces are not only using the mosques as bases, but also to store weapons and so on. But the problem is, by attacking a mosque, you attack both civilians and Islam itself… Symbolically and politically it plays directly into the hands of leaders like al-Sadr. Fuck, sometimes you wonder if the US commanders have ever read anything by Mao or Guevara.

Oh, and I don't know if you watched Nightline last night, but Ted Koppel was talking about the plans set into motion via 9/11. They started with “Continuity of Government” and explaining why Bush didn't return immediately to Washington after the attacks — “This was absolutely the Armageddon plan put into effect.” (with the implication that they're still on).

Richard Clarke also backed up that they went into that mode after the war, saying,

Every federal agency was ordered, on the morning of 9/11, to activate an alternative command post, an alternative headquarters outside of Washington, D.C., and to staff it as soon as possible. [We'd had drills where we'd] gone off into caves in mountains in remote locations and spent days on end in miserable conditions, pretending that the rest of the world had blown up, and going through the questions, going through the drill. . . . Everyone there play acts that it's really happened. You can't go outside because of the radioactivity. You can't use the phones because they're not connected to anything.

Wonderful world they're planning for…? Now maybe you have a better understanding of how all the big nuclear ICBMs they've been test firing along with Russia, China, India, Pakistan, are actually going to be used… After all, it's not like you need any of these shadow government preparations for terrorists. This stuff is exclusively about fighting large-scale enemies in a total-annihilation-style thermonuclear war.

Let's see what Donald Rumsfeld has to say about this, and his role in all of it…

Don't divide the world into "them" and "us." Avoid infatuation with or resentment of the press, the Congress, rivals, or opponents. Accept them as facts. They have their jobs and you have yours.

Sounds pretty “them” and “us” to me.


I don't normally post newsfeed stuff here, but holy crap is this a neat one: