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Get out the tinfoil hats…

So with scientists working feverishly on an ebola vaccine, the US pouring billions into “BioShield“, and al Qaeda having obtained ebola and other bioweapons in the 1990s, you have to wonder… is the Sudanese outbreak a terrorist group testing their deployment systems?

$1/ton to LEO!?!?

This is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. loves to profit from Hitler

So I was reading that news story about how, while they are due a very large pile of money for it, Hitler's heirs have zero interest in collecting royalties for Mein Kampf. Anyway, I typed that into Google to see if there was more on the story, and this was the result:

So basically, the only company on the planet (or at least in my Google search — if you are located in the US, you won't get any ads for it since Google has regionalized its advertising system) seeking out advertising promoting Mein Kampf is Steven Harper I don't know about you, but to me that seems in kind of bad taste, especially given Canada's persistent problem with various ever growing neo-Nazi movements. I should mention that if you type in other famous books very few of them are bought as keywords by — neither “The Great Gatsby” or “A Tale of Two Cities” for example, which are part of the Canadian school curriculum, aren't even linked.

That said, I do think it's a book people should read, but read it for free online… if you want to do that, download it from these ignorant assholes and be sure to press reload a thousand times while you're doing it. I support their right to be morons, but if I can make it cost them, good.


Update: I'm getting feedback from people not really understanding why this is even an issue. To overly simplify things, Canada has a neo-nazi movement analogous to America's neo-con movement. Neo-nazi politicians now control one of Canada's largest (and wealthiest) political parties, and they alone have been successful in unifying the right in Canada. The fact that a mainstream Canadian company is capitalizing on this (and perhaps even encrouaging it) is what I find disturbing.

Body modification is genetic?

Thanks to Rebekah for this one. I don't normally attach comment forums to my entries, but this one I think deserves it. Researchers in New Zealand believe they have found the “body piercing gene” (that's my interpretation of it — they're seeing it as the “self mutilation gene”). Anyway, check it out, and I'm very interested in hearing people's feedback on this.

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Nose piercing = exile

Thanks to d3viant`s_ang3| for passing me this link. It's about a runner who came in second place — but almost first — in the 100 meter hurdles. However, because she might have had a nose ring she was disqualified.

Heather Dillon, a first-year senior, appeared to finish second behind Chong in the 100 hurdles, but was disqualified because the starter said she was still wearing her nose ring. Juneau coaches and school officials protested to no avail over Dillon's disqualification, even producing photos of Dillon's face during the event to try and show the starter the ring was gone.

That's pretty messed up I think. Disqualify a student after a race because you think you noticed a nose ring? What in the world is that trying to teach or accomplish? You know, if you want to make a dog fucked-up, put it in a cage and poke it with a stick at random and punish it unfairly for acting normally. If you do that, you'll have a violent dog that will have a bloodlust and will kill at every opportunity.

What happens when you raise people like that?