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Bring on the fear part II

Any of you that have flown regularly including recently know that security is a non-issue and that it would be easy to bring stuff onto a plane and seize control of it. Here's some more on the two stories below. I really think we should start allowing pilots to be armed.

Of course, I think everyone should be armed.

PS. If you're rather read the truth, click here.

Bring on the fear!

A lot of people have been forwarding me these two links:

  • Terror in the Skies, Again? – Eye witness report of what appears to be a terrorist “dry run” for future attacks… one of many.
  • Part II: Terror in the Skies, Again? – More information, and quotes from pilots (“Folks, I am a Captain with a major airline. I was very involved with the Arming Pilots effort. Your reprint of this airborne event is not a singular nor isolated experience. The terrorists are probing us all the time.”)

Fear mongering, or warning?

Windows Server Question – If I want to execute .exe files as online scripts, but they're giving me a 404 error (even though they are there, and other non-exe files work fine), what permissions do I need to change and how? [Thanks to CT for fixing my problem].

Media bias

Same story, told two different ways:

  1. Linda Ronstadt persecuted for speaking against President
  2. Linda Ronstadt is a rude biotch that insults her audience


More police

Since everyone is reporting this story (“Meat hook dangling craze mystifies police“) to me, I thought I'd mention that it's Gus and CherryBomb they're talking about, and you can see lots of pictures from it (including the Coast Guard) here in their BME/Ritual gallery.

Let the rumors begin

I had a bit of an incident involving the police this afternoon… Many thanks to Badur for coming and bailing me out on such short notice. I'll post more tomorrow.

For the record though, let me just say that the police were very cool with me throughout the entire incident. They were incredibly polite, and the only asking about my tattoos was friendly and interested.