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See you at BMEfest

The weather forecast for BMEfest is looking good. Sunny with cloudy periods, no rain expected, and it'll be between 25°C and 30°C (77-86°F). I would recommend bringing sunblock. Gates open at noon, entertainment starts in the early afternnon. We've printed a ton of shirts, but every time we've thought we printed enough, we've sold out, so I'll mention that shirts are on a first-come first-served basis, so you should head over to Ryan and grab your size before it's gone to be safe.


Assuming the event goes as well as I think it is going to, don't thank me for it. The organizational credit goes to Blake and Badur, and thanks as well as are deserved by all the bands and performers that are donating their time, and the people who have volunteered to help bartend, do security, be medics as needed, and so on. Without everyone who's been so generous with their time and effort, this event never could have happened. Thank you, and see you all there!

Hugging is permitted at BMEfest

I've been saving this for the last minute to announce it (because I announced it too early last year and it fell through), but is in Toronto and will be at BMEfest!

So we were having lunch today and the women sitting across from us were talking about some Eastern mysticism class they were at. Typical middle aged white women with one Indian friend that have found whatever weird village Hinduism variant is hip this week, taught by some guy who's actually just a spiritual gigalo… I'll try and repeat the conversation roughly as it happened:

Woman One: After our last spiritual teachings, I asked swami if I could give him a hug, and he told me it was allowed, but only if it was not a penetrating hug. So I just gave him a little hug. He didn't seem to mind that much, but I sensed it made him somewhat uncomfortable.

Woman Two: That's strange, if he's a spiritual teacher, shouldn't he be giving lots of hugs?

Woman Three: Swami lets me hug him, but he doesn't let the other students. But I've gone to the class a lot. I told him I was going to quit but he wouldn't give me a refund so now I get hugs. I love yoga.

Woman Two: I'm a teacher, and our school does not allow hugging.

Woman One: Why is that?

Woman Two: When you let kids hug each other, it forms cliques. The kids that no one wants to hug feel bad, so we don't let any of them do it.

Woman Three: Oh, that makes sense.

I just wanted to be clear that if you want to hug people at BMEfest, assuming they are in on the plan, it's cool by me. Feel free to do plenty of it if you'd like. Penetrating hugs though, well, if that's what you're looking for, you're probably headed off to Pornfest right now.

Judges 2:11


Just added this paragraphy to the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction encyclopedia entry:

In the end, the FCC received over 500,000 complaints about the incident, and fined Viacom $550,000, or $27,500 (the maximum amount at the time) for every single one of Viacom's 20 directly owned CBS stations. Independent affiliates also broadcasting were not fined.

Oh, and because it probably affects many people reading this page in various ways, I'll mention that COPA, the “Child Online Protection Act” of 1998, was recently struck down (more). I think that the AFO ISP group had by far the best quote on that (more):

[This is] another mark of evil in our culture that puts sin ahead of our children. We are now a country as guilty as the pagan Baal worshippers and Aztec worshippers who sacrificed children to appease their gods.

Geez, that old fight? And it came to pass, when Ahab saw Elijah, that Ahab said unto him, Art thou he that troubleth Israel? And he answered, I have not troubled Israel; but thou, and thy father's house, in that ye have forsaken the commandments of the LORD, and thou hast followed Baalim.

Damn fornicators!

…And the anger of the LORD was hot against Israel, and he delivered them into the hands of spoilers that spoiled them, and he sold them into the hands of their enemies round about, so that they could not any longer stand before their enemies.

News on the day before BMEfest

This interview with Sibel Edmonds is worth reading for a really interesting scary look into the deep corruption inside the FBI, and how FBI and other officials are trading national and international security for personal profits.

Now, as you know, one of Ashcroft's plans is to expand the PATRIOT act. One of the other things you know, is that just about everything can be branded as terrorism lately (all drug related charges and most financial charges most obviously). Well, one of the expansions John “Kill 'em All” Ashcroft wants added is to allow judges to add the death penalty to any crime related to “terrorism”, even if that crime does not by default allow such a punishment (more)… If that happens, America will be able to execute potheads legally for example. Oh, and he's also barring US scientists from participating in the World Health Organization without specific permission (more). As if that's a real threat.

Continuing along Ashcroft lines, the Justice Department says that it can't release any information on foreign lobbyist involvement with US politicians (ie. which US politicians have been bought off by which foreign government) because their “database will crash” due to an excess of record (more). Anyone that works in computers can tell you that even with an archaic system, it is not really possible to destroy a computer system by querying the database (barring total incompetence). It's just another piece of fraud on the administration's part. Want your evidence? When asked when the data would be accessible, they answered, “about a month after the 2004 Presidential election.”

Given the proximity to the 4th of July, I thought this survey (more) of Americans' political views rather disturbing. 30% of Americans think the problem with America is too much freedom (here's a hint dumbasses: you're either free or you're not — there's no in-between!). Hell, less than 20% of Americans even know these that the 1st Amendment includes freedom of religion or freedom of the press (more). Continuing on that theme, Google may be manipulating search results against Fahrennheit 9/11 (more), but if you want a far more interesting conspiracy, check out this article on why FOX is cutting Moore more slack than ABC and NBC and so on (more).

Back in Iraq, the guerrilla forces fighting the occupying army and its puppet government show no signs of letting up (more), and those hired by the new government and America are deserting at a rate as high as 80% (more). The GAO has said that Iraq is worse off than before the war (more), and as much as the Bush Cabal tries to stonewall (more), probes of people tortured to death under US custody continue to grow (more) and the UK has been forced to admit that they violated the Geneva Convention (more)… However, in a moment of irony, US troops raided an Iraqi prison in an attempt to stop prisoner abuse (more), also raising interesting jurisdictional questions.

Pending World War

It's no secret that most Western governments spent most of Saddam's rule supporting him, and profiting greatly from his regime… many of them must be terrified as to what's going to come out during the investigation. While Saddam had major support from the US and its oil companies, he was also being directly supported by France and Russia (yes, that's why they objected to the war in the first place), links that may come out during the trial (more). France also vehemently opposes NATO involvement in Iraq (more), and Russia continues to assist Iran in their nuclear program (more).

We actually nearly saw the war spread to Iran last week when a British boat accidentally crossed into Iranian waters and was briefly taken captive. While the British eventually talked their way out of it, the US ordered the UK to launch a full scale attack on Iran as retaliation (more). Maybe they're waiting for the new nukes they're looking at developing with the US in Nevada first (more)? But war seems to follow the US wherever it goes internationally; seven aircraft carriers are being moved to within striking distance of China (more). To put that into context, this is the first time in history that it has moved so many of its carrier strike groups to a single location.


Of course, to fight all these wars, the US will need soldiers, and a lot of them… and it doesn't currently have enough to handle the wars it's already in — and many that are there need to get out soon in order to stay sane (more). A few days ago they did another involuntary draft recall of about six thousand retired soldiers (more), and as many as one hundred thousand remain on that “might be drafted” list. They do expect to have to force many of them to face death (more, more), primarily to fuel Halliburton's profits and the profits of other friends of the administration (more).

Cancel that Election?

Official questions are starting to be asked about what should be done about the seemingly inevitable attacks that will occur before the next US elections (more). How long can Bush suspend elections for?

History does tend to repeat itself (more).