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I've just uploaded lots of new pictures to the site (2,684 images). Thanks to all the contributors as always and to MissAnnThrope for being the cover model. I've made one small change to the gallery index layout (that I'm not entirely happy with):

All that does is let you flip between sorting the galleries in default last-updated order, or in alphabetical order… Alphabetical makes it a little easier to quickly find a specific gallery of course.

As I said though, I am really not entirely happy with the current gallery and gallery index layout, and think it desperately needs a fairly major overhaul. Some of the sections have too many galleries to effectively display, and most are just not easy to navigate. If anyone wants to create mockups of alternate layouts I'm very open to feedback (I'm not interested in suggestions without mockups though, sorry). Because of the wide range of gallery types and contents, I think I may have to bite the bullet and go with nice custom layouts for all of them, or at least partially custom layouts.

I'm also debating splitting the ritual section back into ritual and culture again, and then breaking up some of the mega-galleries like the BBQ area so that each event can have its own gallery… There are also issues as to how to handle artist galleries in the scarification section, suspension group galleries, and so on. I need to get caught up on this before the signal to noise ratio becomes too poor to keep the rebuild manageable… hopefully I can make the changes using my old legacy code, without too much rewriting.

I wanted to real quickly point at this article by Ron Paul (R-TX). His assessment of the 9/11 commission's fraudulent or at best incompetent recommendations are dead-on: "These hearings amount to nothing more than current government officials meeting with former government officials, many of whom now lobby government officials, and agreeing that we need more government!"

Today, being the 50th anniversary of the Communist Control Act is a real good day to say fuck the government (although the courts did eventually rule that sedition and conspiracy are not the same thing, it clearly illustrated that which is not true today — the government is not a friend of the people). It's also the 55th anniversary of the founding of NATO, if you want to shout about world government instead.

Since I'm talking about “all things August 24″ in this entry, it's also the 342nd anniversary of Britain's Act of Uniformity (which was signed on the eve of the 90th anniversary of the massacre of the Huguenots, killed for being Protestant) which forced state religion on the people — and state religion sucks, and there's no religion, no matter how “peaceful and loving” that hasn't become corrupt when applied on a large scale. That said, it's not all bad — it's also the 190th anniversary of Canada burning down the White House back in 1814 (after the Americans burned down Toronto, so don't get too cocky ya silly hosers), as well as the 14th anniversary of Judas Priest being found not guilty of the death of some kids in a suicide pact due to their lyrics.

Since a lot of people here and elsewhere got re-interested in Chernobyl from the KiddofSpeed motorcycle journeys (which later turned out to be somewhat “embellished”, if that matters), I thought I'd link to this interview with Alexander Yuvchenko, who was on duty at Chernobyl the night it exploded. To stay on trend, Chernobyl is in the Ukraine, and today is the 13th anniversary of Ukrainian independence… and I live in a Ukranian neighborhood — wow — I feel like I'm playing six degrees of Kevin Bacon “today-in-history” (IAM is also a Ukrainian community).

PS. 10,000,000+ Americans to die soon when US coastlines are devastated by the collapse of the Cumbre Vieja volcano (I mention this today because today is the 1925th anniversary of Mount Vesuvius's eruption, as well as the 18th anniversary of the less destructive Cameroon eruption)… But will it happen before oil hits $182 a barrel in the immediate future? Well, at least with rising poverty slavery is a great business to be in… better than drugs and guns these days!

Oh, and if you want to know why I'm smarter than you, click here… oh, wait… maybe not.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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