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What's your wackiest home-brew project? There are always interesting kitcars on eBay. I'm consistently blown away at what an impressive marketplace they have there — none of the kit-dedicated publications (even mine) have ever been able to keep up. Anyway, for those of you with some money to spend on a new toy, there are three kits up right now that I think are worth it.

Marauder GT MkII

This is a car that I've never seen on eBay before, and I can't imagine there are even a dozen of them on the planet. It's a replica of the legendary Chevron B/16 Can-Am car (using the original car as reference when Maurader bought out all the B/16s) and is genuinely stunning. This one is built around a rotary engine but you could change that if you wanted. Anyway, it's a very cool car… last time I talked to the owner was something like seven years ago and he was already liquidating his stuff due to terminal illness, so I'm actually surprised he's still around (sorry if that's morbid).

Fiberfab Banshee

Also a very rare care, modelled after the Daytona Cobra. It's got the same sort of appeal and characteristics of my Vette or any number of cars I've mentioned here… That said, I don't know how well this car handles — certainly the Marauder on the left is going to far outperform both this and the Valkyrie. The Banshee is also very rare and I think this is the first I've seen for sale — usually you see Jamaican's for sale, which are a lot more common (and far less radical).

Fiberfab Valkyrie

Fiberfab built a number of GT40-styled kits. Avengers, which are VW-based were made in the thousands and are very common in this market. The Valkyrie, far more rare, was the high performance version built around a tube chassis and a V8/Porsche transmission driveline. This car is incredibly low in person and terrifyingly powerful, although it's still going to be far outhandled by the Marauder.

All that said, when I've finally got access to a workshop again I think the first thing I'm building is a Universal Hovercraft UH-19P… Very cool, very fast hovercraft that currently holds the speed record in its class. That said, their ground effect vehicle, the UH-18PSW is really cool. Click it:

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