"The World According To Bush"

This documentary was on the news a few nights ago. Since I highly doubt it will broadcast inside the United States, I am temporarily posting my PVR capture of it for IAM members. I probably won't leave these video files on my server so please save it to your computer. It is a damning documentary about the Bush family's corruption and alliances with evil. Click here for a review.

The film is an hour and twenty minutes long, so I've captured it in two qualities; both are watchable but if you have the bandwidth I recommend the larger of the two files. They are both WMV files.

Pass it on to friends that need to see it.

Clarification: While this is a French documentary, it is overdubbed in English. It's interesting to note by the way which US diplomats are fluent in French (and thus dubbed), and which are speaking in English.

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