Death of US democracy?

I'm having a lot of trouble believing that Bush is not only dramatically more popular now in much of the country than he was in 2000, but that according to the stats, in many regions of the country, that Bush is the most popular Republican in twenty years. People can't really believe he's done that good a job? Given the millions of young people and minorities who voted this time, overwhelmingly for Kerry, that means that the rest of the country overwhelmingly swung to Bush, and I just do not believe that is possible. I also have trouble believing that in many US states an overwhelming majority wants to ban gay marriage. I just don't believe that Americans are that evil or that stupid. I can't bring myself to believe that the terrible stereotype people have about Americans is true.

Leaving one with only one possible conclusions, Dr. Watson… the whole thing was rigged.

I guess we can look forward to economic devastation, escalating wars around the world, big government, poverty, the withdrawal of foreign money from the US, the dominance of the Euro over the US dollar, a lot of new ex-pats, collapse of US foreign relations, banning abortion, corporate welfare, lies, fraud, and deception, corporate collusion, the elimination of civil rights, oil crisis, and bulk environmental destruction… and I just can't bring myself to believe that's what the American people want.

My advice? Buy a gun and stockpile ammunition.

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