Image update posted

Mountains of updates still ahead…

OK, I've just posted a small (just under 1,300) image update. It doesn't even come close to eliminating the current backlog so you can expect a few more updates like this in quick succession. Thanks for your patience; I'll be processing submissions from oldest to most recent. Today is only caught up to most of October 25th (happy birthday Picasso), so there really is a lot to go.

Anyway, since it appears that politics works best when put into the simplest of familiar terms, and is absorbed most effectively. Because of that, I've decided to try and illustrate the choice that Americans now need to make about their future — after all, it's not like it's “all over” because an election got stolen… again. Now you've got four years where you're going to have to call and write your Senators and other representatives urging them to put an end to war (Chile) and aggressionist foreign policy. On one hand the US can continue terrorizing the poor of the world first with economic war, then with covert military pressure, and then with full-on blood and guts war (listen)…

Sorry!   “Simple and familiar”… I'll use tattoos from the current update to explain.

OK, here's path number one. Let's call it “Four more years”.

Get a brain! Morans! Alternately, instead of playing to the lowest common denominator we could get geeky. The codenerds among you will certainly get the idealistic wisdom in these tattoos. Not that it was an option in this election after my boy Kucinich got laughed out of the election, but I've always been partial to sniffing the flowers and other generally relaxing and friendly activities.

But, it's been shown over and over that no one likes eggheads, so let me explain that those are the HTML tags for “start love, end hate” and “open minds, end hate”… I realize that only one of the two paths makes a good video game. You can't have it all, but there are better ways to live (build agrarotopia).

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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