Urban legend?

I don't think this suggestion is accurate… Outside of anything else, the dates mentioned don't make sense — Kant and Newton weren't alive at the same time, and they both came long after the Medieval period. That said, sometimes these things aren't just rooted in fantasy, so if anyone has any more information on this and can offer a reference, let me know…

Subject: The History of the Prince Albert Piercing

dear reader,

to my knowledge has the prince albert ring in the late medieval times in Germany it hight. Preusen which Germany was called at that time hand a very smal but modern army of well trained men. These all hade to go though many totures to become one of this elite army. Each soldger of this army was equiped with this ring for protection reason. The ring was attached to the trousers so that it didn't hang down and therefor it could not be demaged by the enemy swords or gun fire. As it is essential for a strong country to have the elite produce many children. This was at times of Friedrich the Great, Emanuel Kant, Newton, etc.

The idea of genital piercing being used to keep people from being penectomized in combat is at least an amusingly fetishistic piece of historical fiction. Personally I prefer the Swedish diver theory…

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