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I love sh*tstorms

Every time I post a picture like this I get form letters from holier-than-thou animal rights activists telling me how wrong it is and how they're narcing to PETA about me. You know what? Owning an animal in the first place involves not only enslaving another life, but killing hundreds of other sentient beings to feed that slave. Really, unless all animal ownership is disavowed and the strictest vegan lifestyle is adopted, it's a little hypocritical to complain about “Dragone” over at Painted Dragon Studios for giving this canine customer a patch. It's diversionary at best.

That said, let me not be unclear about my own feelings on the matter. I disavow not only animal consumption, but both animal ownership and the above animal tattooing, whether it's because your slave is a “pure breed” or because he joined a puppy gang and wants to look tough.

Before I watch Survivor…

I briefly want to mention a few “do the math” things that I think have been misrepresented or ignored by the mainstream media. Sorry if this is sloppy; I've had a week off from writing!

“Bush won, get over it”

A lot of people, Democrat and Republican, seem to have the opinion that Kerry backed off, so we should just walk away from the election and not ask too many questions about whether it was rigged or otherwise inaccurate.

Here's what we know (just for starters): Some regions counted backward or inverted votes (more), granted extra votes to Bush (more), added thousands of voters and cooked the surrounding records (more), had huge numbers of provisional ballots (more), and generally had statistically anomalous results (more). While the fact that the majority of these “errors” worked in favor of Bush should be deeply troubling, without raising the specter of a coup, what these errors show us is disturbing: the margin of error on vote counts was very high, possibly in the realm of 10-15% nationally.

What the above means, in the clearest of terms, is that the margin of error on this election is far greater than the actual margin between the two candidates. Meaning that even without fraud, the results are not meaningful and Bush did not win. Neither did Kerry. You'd have as much luck saying who won as you would flipping a coin in the dark and announcing the winner without ever seeing that coin land.

“Stupid red states”

First of all, the margin that separated red and blue in nearly every state was far larger than the above margin of error (see above). More importantly though, the margins were so close in almost all regions that calling a state red (or blue) is effectively bigotry, making hugely incorrect characterizations because of a very slim statistical difference. Maybe 1% more “red staters” voted Bush than the “blue staters” did — and that's far from a declarative statement in its wishy-washiness. The political makeup of Americans is delineated by education and related issues far more so than geography, which makes up such a slim demographic difference to be almost meaningless (more).

“Terrorism is not linked to poverty”

I've been seeing this study tossed around lately talking about how the poorest countries aren't terrorist nations, claiming to debunk the theory that poverty is related to terrorism (thus green-lighting economically destructive policy). Various people have drawn various conclusions, but they're drawing those conclusions on cooked data, since GDP per capita, which the study uses as its primary measure of poverty, is wholly inaccurate.

Let me explain. If Rachel has 401 apples (lots!), Nefarious has one apple, Jon has one apple, and I have one apple (not very many!), then together we have 404 apples. The “average” person in my family owns 101 apples (seems pretty good?), and as a statistic that is true. However, what that statistic doesn't show is that one very wealthy person has 401 apples, and the poor minions have but one a piece.

GDP is the same kind of average — in developing nations that have Western construction and mining and oil companies working there a la Halliburton, a small number of people become incredibly wealthy, while the remaining population gets far poorer, but average wealth increases, even though the standard of living for the majority has gone down (“majority” and “average” are not the same word). It's that wealth gap and the problems that come with it that cause terrorism, so yes, terrorism is in fact related to poverty (more), and a poor nation with a growing GDP is exactly where one should expect terrorism.


If you're reading this, you survived the great IAM blackout of 2004. Many thanks to CT and Rachel who were far more instrumental than I in getting things fixed (so thank them, not me). Expirey systems are currently turned off, and tomorrow I'll be granting extensions to all currently active pages.

In addition to the latest Legal Link and Publisher's Ring BME/News items which were both added during the outage, there's also been a new Uvatiarru trailer released. I should warn people that it's quite graphic (in the erotic sense of the word). Thanks to Jenna, Lassi, and Asurfael for their help in creating it.

3:42 – 22 meg in WMV or 31 meg in Quicktime – 18+ only
Format: Windows Media Video   Apple Quicktime

Put on your headphones when you watch it — Uviatiarru is a musical! (Svarte Greiner)

I don't know what the release date of the film is going to be. It's still in production and will be for some time. I can still use footage. If you'd like to take part, send me a message. If you've got access to a camera, and you're currently alive or at least have a friend that's currently alive, I need your help.

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Image update posted

Mountains of updates still ahead…

OK, I've just posted a small (just under 1,300) image update. It doesn't even come close to eliminating the current backlog so you can expect a few more updates like this in quick succession. Thanks for your patience; I'll be processing submissions from oldest to most recent. Today is only caught up to most of October 25th (happy birthday Picasso), so there really is a lot to go.

Anyway, since it appears that politics works best when put into the simplest of familiar terms, and is absorbed most effectively. Because of that, I've decided to try and illustrate the choice that Americans now need to make about their future — after all, it's not like it's “all over” because an election got stolen… again. Now you've got four years where you're going to have to call and write your Senators and other representatives urging them to put an end to war (Chile) and aggressionist foreign policy. On one hand the US can continue terrorizing the poor of the world first with economic war, then with covert military pressure, and then with full-on blood and guts war (listen)…

Sorry!   “Simple and familiar”… I'll use tattoos from the current update to explain.

OK, here's path number one. Let's call it “Four more years”.

Get a brain! Morans! Alternately, instead of playing to the lowest common denominator we could get geeky. The codenerds among you will certainly get the idealistic wisdom in these tattoos. Not that it was an option in this election after my boy Kucinich got laughed out of the election, but I've always been partial to sniffing the flowers and other generally relaxing and friendly activities.

But, it's been shown over and over that no one likes eggheads, so let me explain that those are the HTML tags for “start love, end hate” and “open minds, end hate”… I realize that only one of the two paths makes a good video game. You can't have it all, but there are better ways to live (build agrarotopia).

Death of US democracy?

I'm having a lot of trouble believing that Bush is not only dramatically more popular now in much of the country than he was in 2000, but that according to the stats, in many regions of the country, that Bush is the most popular Republican in twenty years. People can't really believe he's done that good a job? Given the millions of young people and minorities who voted this time, overwhelmingly for Kerry, that means that the rest of the country overwhelmingly swung to Bush, and I just do not believe that is possible. I also have trouble believing that in many US states an overwhelming majority wants to ban gay marriage. I just don't believe that Americans are that evil or that stupid. I can't bring myself to believe that the terrible stereotype people have about Americans is true.

Leaving one with only one possible conclusions, Dr. Watson… the whole thing was rigged.

I guess we can look forward to economic devastation, escalating wars around the world, big government, poverty, the withdrawal of foreign money from the US, the dominance of the Euro over the US dollar, a lot of new ex-pats, collapse of US foreign relations, banning abortion, corporate welfare, lies, fraud, and deception, corporate collusion, the elimination of civil rights, oil crisis, and bulk environmental destruction… and I just can't bring myself to believe that's what the American people want.

My advice? Buy a gun and stockpile ammunition.