Transscrotal Mayhem

The thing about transscrotal piercings is that you can't just clamp and pierce them with a standard barbell, so they're beyond what the average piercer can do. Doing them as a piercing risks trapping an infection (which won't be able to drain) inside the scrotum where it can rapidly (within a couple days) become life-threatening. I have friends who have nearly died from this piercing and other scrotal infections — take this risk seriously!

In theory, the “right way” to do this is by creating a larger hole or slot through the scrotum, and then the front and back are cleanly sutured together. This is the technique pioneered by Jon Cobb back in I think 1994 that is now used by virtually all professionals doing the procedure. Done right, the piercing can fully heal in under a month (and the larger hole has better drainage ability in the case of an infection).

That said, as anyone who's had one, even with a professional doing it it's rarely that simple… But when it comes to home jobs, I see some intense — and unusual — ways of doing it. The photos above (on a very experienced old friend of mine) are a good example of one of the more over the top “a hammer solves everything” solutions. It's not recommended of course, and the risks should be obvious, but if it's something you're into, it sure is fun… The full photo set is in the FSPLITTER bonus gallery that I'll add to BME/HARD in one of the next couple updates.
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