Anal Habanero Nukes

First, a question for any physicists reading this… How large a deep-ocean nuclear bomb would be needed to set off a tsunami similar in size and destructive power to the one that recently happened? Now, I assume that's impossible (nukes are too small?), so I'll let the question have a rider that maybe geologists or demolitions folks can fill me in on — how large an explosion would be required to cause a collapse of a subterranean island chain, in order to set off a supertsunami?

Ever seen A View To A Kill where a fault line is used as the weapon?

“Well my dear, I take it you spend quite a lot of time in the saddle.”

“Yes, I love an early morning ride.”

If one were Dr. Evil on a budget, would this be the most economical way to do immense damage to, say New York or Miami? Or would one be “better off” simply putting the explosive in a boat in the harbor? If you had, say two million dollars as a budget, what would do the absolute maximum amount of damage? CIAbots, please note that this is totally hypothetical and intended as a “let's write a James Bond movie” game, not as a “let's get ourselves tossed into Guantanamo” game!

Remember the warning about pictures on my page.

So Allen wins the prize for being our first friend to come and visit from afar (Saira is visiting next month, along with her überchef husband to see what new avenues we can explore, and Blair is hopefully coming in March). I hear he's stopped drinking. If he fails and becomes a stumbling and then passed-out drunkard, would the punishment pictured above be suitably Mexican?

The attached forum is both for nuclear demolitions experts and anal demolitions experts.

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