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(Very) young people with piercings

"In a perfect world I would fucking kill you."

When I first started posting pictures and interviews about body modifications on animals, I got a lot of hatemail and threats about it, and continue to. But I seem to enjoy getting that kind of mail…

Among other justifications, I explain that it's not my job to moralize on BME (although I'm happy to do so here in this blog) — it's my job to document as objectively as I can what's happening in the world of body modification, especially on the fringes that other media are afraid to cover. One of the common retorts is “what's next? are you going to start posting pictures of children with piercings?”


The girl in the left photo is six years old and the girl on the right is eight years old. Now, before you start asking me who did it so you can get them thrown in prison, these were sent to me from a friend who pierces at a reputable shop (as far as I know) in Chile, where it's perfectly legal.

In the attached forum I'm very interested in hearing people's feedback. Should it be permitted? How old does someone have to be to give consent? How would your life be different if you'd gotten your first piercings at age six? What if everyone you knew had as well? How would society and your life change? For better, for worse? What laws should there be?    Should I allow it on BME?

(Original forum unavailable, sorry)*

Creepy Search Engines

To be honest, I don't think this storefront search on the somewhat disturbingly corporate A9 search engine is quite functional yet. That said, it definitely improves its pagerank for “creepy” in my brain's search engine. I did a few searches for where I used to live in Philadelphia and saw both Jim's shop (about to celebrate his 10th anniversary by the way) and Luis's shop and others (I lived about a block away, just a bit down 4th off South).


The bike in front of Infinite in the left picture belongs to stompyboy who is now suitably disturbed.

Well, I guess now you can't go out in public any more without risking being put on the Internet. It's a slippery slope — as soon as Amazon or Google or whoever buys the rights to public security cams and traffic cams, you'll be able to do searches for people and it'll tell you where they were at a given time based on face and license plate recognition. Start wearing a mask, or at least…

From: J K
Subject: glider

Do you know of anyone or anyplace or any books that I can dig into, to do research on HOW TO MAKE FUNNY FACES in real life?? I am doing research for a boss that wants to learn how to do weird facial contortions.

And I made fun of this guy at the time… turns out the dude was a prophet.

Aztec 7 anyone?

I'm not in the market for a car right now, having just picked up that dunebuggy, but a friend of mine is selling a very nice Aztec 7 built around a Porsche transaxle with some decent improvements on the bodywork. It's currently in Nevada, and here are a couple photos:

It is a kind of odd looking wedge of a car that's hard to get a good photo of, but here is are some photos of mine, and some photos of Aztec 7s owned by other people (and lots more cool old kit car stuff if you follow the links on that page). Anyway, if anyone wants it, he's asking in the realm of $15k for it, and I'd be glad to put you in touch. Like I said, it's really an oddball car, but I loved driving mine.

June 24, 2005, a good day in La Paz!

After getting turned down by a dude with a shotgun at the old governor's mansion, perhaps because we broke through their security without permission, and perhaps because they'd been burned by previous renters hosting raves, Rafael and I went out to Tecolote again to see if the beachfront bar owners were there today. The one that in theory was to meet us today had delayed his return until Friday, but as luck would have it, we were able to talk to someone who's involved with a second, much larger space on that same beach. In the photo below it's the large building on the left.

It's currently being renovated, but in mid-Februray we could confirm it (and they're into, or at least open to, the idea). It's very large, and the ceilings are high (30' maybe) with steel cathedral-style rafters which they seemed OK with the idea of having suspension performances from. We asked them about pulling on the beach, and what they recommended is that for people who want to pull, they could arrange to have a boat going back and forth to the island that you see on the right side of the photo above, which has an isolated beach which would be far more ideal for these purposes.

Anyway, it's really looking better and better, and the details are starting to fall into place. This place would provide food, drinks, everything, as well as arranging to make sure that we have entertainment like water skiing and so on reserved for us. And of course it's guaranteed shade. The event listing is here and there's a forum attached as well. If anyone has any special requests (“I want to get married on the beach”, whatever), please let Rachel or I know so we can consider the feasibility.

u are such a troublemaker thou

I've said it many times before and I'll say it here again: the almost singular cause of suffering in this world is stupidity. As long as most people are not exercising and using the potential of our massive mammalian brains, it only takes a very tiny number of greedy and unscrupulous people to do immense amounts of damage — it's not that capitalism is bad, but that capitalism is a system which becomes unstable when people don't treat it with respect. It's a powerful tool for progress, but like all powerful tools, it can be destructive if used wrong.

In any case, recent polls show that only one in six Internet users is able to tell the difference between a paid or sponsored link in a search engine — only 38% even know there is a difference. However, over ninety percent of users are confident that their searches are productive (more). Where are all these users? Well, let's take a look at what AOL customer support email has been accidentally sent to me today (more, more, more).

"Go to your happy place"
every time i logged on to that chat room there was a user covering the screen with all smiley caused me to loose aol connection becuz it froze my screen somehow....i couldnt see the user screen name becuz of the freezing of my screen as soon as i logged on to the chat room, but i could see the entire chat screen covered with smileys....i did this twice and had to exit aol and sign on again.

"Racial Slurts"

"buffalo chat 11/12/04"
is in room constantly bagering other members used notify aol 20x in one note for him lets get with the program people

"someone is impersonating my husband!"
My name is JamieLynn Roberts my husbands name is Chase Roberts (Chaserisastud) someone for sometime now has been using my husbands screenname and all his info to send porno sites to people and talk dirty to them a girl that goes by the screenname of Josiris Yoshire emailed my husband saying that if he did not stop talking dirty to her she would report him to aol
she sent me a copy of exactly was said she even copied it from the page. We have changed his email pass every day and two days ago on Monday that person was on using his stuff i know it was not my husband because at that exact moment i seen the person online i called him at work they do not have access to aol from his work. . please do something about this and please make it stop. Sincerly JamieLynn roberts

I love the last one, because it's something that I see over and over… “Someone stole my husband's credit card and signed up for an account on your disgusting site! I know my husband, and he would never look at something like that! Refund the charges immediately or I will be filing a complaint with the FBI!”

“I understand ma'am, but you may want to have the FBI check your closets, because our log files show that the access to our site was done from the same IP address as you are sending this email from. We'll get the refund processed within 24 hours.”

Anyway, for those of you not demanding a refund, here's a shot from one of the upcoming updates; it's from the author of the story “Four Fingered Joe”. Yeah, next time you won't be laughing when you find out the punishment for the five finger discount.

There'll be some other really great stuff in tomorrow's update including a new set of photos from el Horizonte (BME/HARD) and his incredible subincision, bisection, and piercing work — he has literally the deepest subincision in the world as far as I know, as well as one of the best split scrotums I've ever seen. A quick picture (this is a healing photo if it's not obvious):

Sorry about the obnoxious tagging, but given that pretty much everything I post gets ripped off by one image-theft site or another, they're at least going to have to run a banner ad for BME in return I suppose. But to be clear: that is not permission!

Anyway, I'm off to school now, but I wanted to post two links that I've been meaning to mention but haven't had a chance to. First, check out The Global Trip, an inspired and perhaps never ending travel blog about an around the world journey… on that note I'll also mention (via KA) Nomadic Research Labs — you may remember their wired bike (that's wired not weird) and other projects over the last twenty plus years, but now he's doing a neat new boat project. For those of you into nomadic living, sailing, or homebrew tech, it's very much worth checking out.

And now off to school, right?

Awww, hell, let's add another AOL complaint mail. This one's a long chat transcript. I have no idea whether there's history between these two characters or it's a mutual hallucination.

AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: lol fuck u
Auto response from PenPaLDad:I am away from my computer right now.
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: u dunno anything u dumbass
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: believe them all uw anna
PenPaLDad: i over heard
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: ur just a faggot who likes to gossip and ruined me n my gf, im gunna fuck u up soon
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: trust me n believe me
PenPaLDad: come little boy , u dead meatr ... i got more power lawyer than u
PenPaLDad: just be prepare
PenPaLDad: u try me
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: Why r u worrying about cops?
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: fuck cops fuck u
PenPaLDad: new jersey cop already called st augustine cop
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: good
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: i got pulled over lastw eek so whats up with that?
PenPaLDad: tsk tsk tsk
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: duh u stupidfucker
PenPaLDad: bye , i dont need i
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: thanks
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: u didnt need to im me too
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: believe all u wanna
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: camfrog faggot freak
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: go suck ursel
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN is away at 1:55 P.M.
PenPaLDad: tsk tsk , u need to go to church
Auto response from AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: Find me at my aim.
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN returned at 1:55 P.M.
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: u too
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: ur gay
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: so childmilsoter
PenPaLDad: lmao
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: yea lmao
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: i think its funny, bec ur really fucked ur own ass
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: i think its funny d at u got raped
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: i heard u fucked w jared, n shyt
PenPaLDad: look at yourself
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: uncut n blah blha ghahahahhaha
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: look at myself?
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: im just a pimp that fucks girls only, lMAO
PenPaLDad: hahahaha
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: you got ward .. you sucked him lol
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: go suck him more
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: eat anyones cum all u wanna
PenPaLDad: u got beat up by ur exlady's father
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: i betaen him up
PenPaLDad: tsk tsk , yo mama didnt treat u good
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: he got all bleeding n shit but all i got was facturing hand,
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: thanks, yo dada fucked u so hard which is aint treating u good too
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: keep itup
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: go ahead
PenPaLDad: yea yea yea
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: i dont care
PenPaLDad: sorry to hear that
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: many ppl gunna do something to you
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: nah, im, glad if they r lookin for me
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: it doesnt bother me
PenPaLDad: hahahaha, i am not scared
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: watch me, ill get out in 30 mins, lm ao
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: good, dont be scared
PenPaLDad: be prepare
PenPaLDad: i got a gooood expsevie lawyer
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: good for u
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: i have 3 ones
PenPaLDad: hahahaha
PenPaLDad: bye
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: good, bye bye
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN is away at 2:00 P.M.
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN returned at 2:00 P.M.
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: poor kathy that she had stuffering sucking ur uncut ick
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: really, im serious, poor kathy to be involve this
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: ttyl
PenPaLDad: your jelaous
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: jealous?
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: i got hott chicks than u
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: u just got retarded family
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: lmao
AiNtLaZy4RaCiN: fuck ur own son n break his virgbin by u, ttyl
PenPaLDad: look at yourself
PenPaLDad: u are such a troublemaker thou

Yeah, I think I'll stick to IAM, thank you…

PS. Google's new video search is pretty neat.