Justice is very blind?

So right now a troubled kid that shot his allegedly abusive grandparents at the age of 12 is being tried as an adult and faces thirty to life for the act. I should mention that he was being prescribed anti-depressant psychiatric drugs at the time that are not recommend for children (and the FDA has warned can lead to suicidal behavior in children). You know, it really would be easier to just give cops a license to kill, maybe send out death squads or something. When kids go bad on the soma provided by the corporate state, it's best to eliminate them as quickly as possible…

But what about those who self prescribe and stay non-violent?

I recently got this note from an old friend of mine — I know the family as well (this isn't just a “friend of a friend” story). Anyway, her cousin is now effectively facing the death penalty for being in the car with someone who had drugs on them.

My little cousin (age 22) is in jail for a short sentence (under one year) for a minor drug-related crime — she was in the car and not directly involved. She has Crohns Disease, and needs medication for it. Not only did they not give her the medication her doctor prescribed (they take away all prescriptions), but they did not feed her what she needed to eat. She got sicker and sicker, but they refused to put her in a hospital. She couldn't eat for weeks.

They finally put her in a jail hospital where they still did nothing to help her. She has lost about 45 pounds and they had to give her two blood transfusions so far. Now they are talking about having to remove part of her colon. She is bleeding internally and still cannot eat, yet they are not giving her the IVs she needs to survive. She is too weak to even get into a wheelchair to go to the visitor section so her parents haven't been able to see her for over a month.

The lawyers have thus far not been able to convince the judge to let her out to go to a real hospital. They are literally letting her rot, and this is in a county jail for a non-violent crime! If they do this to a 22 year old girl, can you imagine what else goes on? It is seriously fucked.

Ah, justice…  And who said America isn't winning the war on drugs?

UPDATE: I just got the following email:

My godfather at the age of 49 died in the ***** county prison system. He was porking a prostitute, and when it was all over she tried to steal his money and some jewelry. He shot her square in the face — obviously she died.

Just before the incident he was just diagnosed with lung and throat cancer, and while pending trial it spread to his lymph nodes and some organs. He never got the medical attention he needed due to the pending trial, and he died.

He did the crime and had to do the time, but that's not the point.

It's true… Justice does need to serve out a punishment, but inside justice there must be — should be — space for compassion? Surely we can find a middle ground that serves the public good, doles out a suitable punishment and rehabilitation, and perhaps leaves the criminal with a future after prison? After all, if we're not willing to do so, would we not simply be better off with the death penalty for all crimes?

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