If endtimes don't come, manufacture them

So various science journals are reporting that the HAARP project has successfully cooked the upper atmosphere and created artificial northern lights as a byproduct. Details are sparse and innocuous in that article and the official FAQ is in contrast to the truth (“it can't create an aurora” effect, and “it can't affect the weather” — also stated as one of the main goals of the project) and includes some ominous warnings (“lost habitat, socioeconomic, and wildlife impacts may not be mitigated”), so let me try and fill in the details a little (follow the links for more, but realize it's pretty conspiracy-laden).

HAARP array in Alaska

Using intense radio waves the HAARP project heats up the ionosphere, causing EM waves to be reflected and redirected to the Earth's surface. Tesla, whose research forms the basis of the HAARP project, sold it to the US government as a continental defense shield that could be used to literally melt any incoming threats. At lower power levels it can operate as over-the-horizon radar, it can generate EM pulses to knock out communication (similar to the EM pulse from a high-altitude nuke), it can be used to do deep earth penetration and scanning (for everything from reconnaissance to searching for oil), and so on. It also penetrates people, can disrupt health, brainwaves, and of course kill, kill, kill.

The current owner of most of the patents on this technology is defense megacorp and everyone's favorite nightmare generator, Raytheon. You may remember them as the company that flew the bin Ladens out of the country after September 11th, had high-ups in the company “die” on every plane that crashed that day, are tied to the training of the hijackers, as well as the company who's Global Hawk fly-by-remote is implicated in the attacks themselves.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher (Nuclear Physics and Engineering, University of California at Berkeley, IEEE, APS, AAAS, MAA, ANA, AAMI, Congressional OTA Advisory Committee, and more — not a nut), the ionosphere is like a “soap bubble” around the Earth, and if we tear enough holes in it (which is what HAARP does), we risk “popping” it or at a minimum radically altering it — and it's these fields and solar winds that protect us from the Sun's radiation.

“I'm not insane, I just don't give a fuck!”

When Telsa first discussed this technology, most people assumed he was exaggerating — after all, “I possess the ability to start devastating earthquakes” and “I can melt an airplane from 250 miles away” are bold claims. This project is playing with fire.

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