Off to Namibia…

One of the nice things about being out of Mexico, which tends to have a fairly limited cuisine, is having many more vegan options. Mexico doesn't yet really have an awareness of that diet, so it can be very hard to explain even in Spanish (distressingly, asking for “no meat” often is interpreted as “please take out the biggest pieces of meat”), but here a vast number of items are labeled as vegan, and those that aren't explicitly labeled are pretty good about explaining what the components are (i.e. is it cooked with oil or butter?). In Heathrow I had a sandwich that I'm sure is old news to many reading this, but I thought would amuse some… It's an open source sandwich.

Anyway, given that my own software crashes or misbehaves plenty, I am always amused when I see errors in professional installations… Here's a Microsoft Windows “there are unused icons on your desktop” error on the boarding display at the Johannesburg airport:


To illustrate that yesterday was no fluke, here's a few sunrise shots from this morning, taken about half an hour apart starting at I think 6 AM. Even from just this half kilometer I've covered so far, it really is beautiful here (and people seem very amused at our appearance, but not in a hostile way, except for the rich old Dutch folks who display obvious and extreme scorn).

If you're wondering why we aren't farther away yet, it's because we leave for Namibia in a few hours. We'll be there for a little while, then I think we're off to Capetown, then back up to Pretoria, and then maybe a stopover in Mauritius or Madagascar as well, but it's still to be decided. In the short term, Windhoek…

I've decided that in the future, the right way to travel is to rent an apartment for a month and just live somewhere for a while… I wish there was a directory of vacation rentals that have high-speed internet. It's hard to even find hotels that have reliable service… This hotel's connection is relatively fast (about the same as my connection back in La Paz), but it's outrageously expensive (about $15 per hour) and isn't reliable enough to maintain a connection for long enough to maintain an extended connection. Assuming the hotel in Windhoek is a little better I'll be uploading an image update from there.

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