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Individuals? Where?

I've heard heard it said by many piercers and tattoo artists that people getting body modifications post-1996 are very different than those who got them earlier — that they're not individuals… that they're simply trading one “uniform” or “dress code” for another, and thus when they spy a real individual in their midst, they attack them. So the person with an eyebrow ring, a labret, and a big band of star tattoos is welcomed and protected, but the dude with the facial tattoo or the piercings that go “too far” is thrown to the wolves. Enter David Clinger.


People's responses to the David Clinger facial tattoo situation illustrate that shift, and quite frankly, the responses disgust me. People have come to me demanding action and articles any time someone here is suspended from school or fired from a minimum wage job for a piercing or tattoo… Yet the responses to Clinger's tattoo and subsequent forced removal have been almost universally hateful and shockingly lacking in support — most in fact going so far as to support his termination and forced tattoo removal.

Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, because the average person can't see past the end of their own nose and believes anything the media tells them, but I am surprised that people believe the characterizations people have made of Clinger and his motivation given how much people here have seen our own miscaricaturization in the media first-hand. This is a guy that's spent his life traveling internationally and has had Polynesian work for years, understands its meaning, and cares about it personally. Did he get it when the time felt right? Yes, of course. When you want a facial tattoo, you think about it for years, and then get it “spur of the moment” when you know you're ready. Don't think that a couple of brief, disjointed, and unprepared quotes from him shortly after having his life threatened have any real meaning.

I've seen other comments on cultural appropriation. Take a look at his tattoo. Is it Polynesian in design motif? Yes. But is it a copy of someone else's moko? Of course not. Neither is Mike Tyson's, even if he could be muddled into talking about such specifics — and the same folks making noise about Clinger's moko also made noise about Tyson's tattoo. It's ignorant and self-righteous. Others suggest that Clinger hasn't earned it… The guy has spent his life dedicated to achieving what he has as an athlete. He absolutely has earned a warrior's tattoo, with or without the permission of some indignant descendant of a tribe that once had similar tattoos.


Others have said that he should have asked his boss's permission first. Why? Because high-end employees have some obligation to check their tattoos with their employers? Because he's sold them his face? He's a sponsored professional athlete. His job is to win races and promote the sport, and there's nothing in his tattoo that will hurt that — I'd say the opposite… if anything, Webcor's actions post-tattoo reflect poorly on them, and it should be added that the only reason he's having to have it removed is because one dirt-bag manager has a personal gripe with tattoos.

Still others have said that he must not have cared about it much if he's willing to have it lasered off to keep his job. As I said before, Clinger is a professional athlete. He's spent his life working and training hard to get where he is. Throwing him off the team at the start of the season puts his life's work at risk. He wasn't getting fired from some easily replaced job at Cosco. If you have two children, and have to kill one of them, which will you kill? That is more akin to the decision he was forced to make.

But I'm not sure why I'm mentioning this. David Clinger's actions represents individualism. The average person getting pierced and tattooed these days is just looking for another uniform, one where they can pretend to be an individual without actually having to feel the occasional pain and loneliness of being one.

I, as an individual, fully support David Clinger.

Anyway, off to Zurich.

Off again, and some funmail

We're off to travel some more, beginning with a drive to Joburg (about an hour and a half down a guerrilla four lane highway — that is, a two lane highway that uses the curbs as the remaining two!). I'll post again when we've arrived at the next destination, or maybe some stopover that allows me access. But in the meantime, some funmail to tide you over. These ones (each paragraph is a separate email) are from replies to rejected experiences:

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A bright and cheery "FUCK YOU" to all of you at BME, both staff and reader alike. What a stupid and absurd way to post experiences. Have you read some of the stories that were approved? I'm thinking that the real life men liked the story and the frigid women and lonley little pudwackers could not relate to real life sexual drama.

sorry but i dont have time to correct it and i liked all the !!! and the sooooooo's thank you,chloe

I'd rather read something that told about the whole day of the piercing that included smilies cuz they're cute and some capital letters, because it shows emotion, LIKE MINE, and not some stupid formal shit.

Following are some emails sent to the BME Encyclopedia:

Re: Nicole Richie
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Re: Nicole Richie
From: Paris H.
k, well i dont c why all u people r making the biggest deal bout this. I'm nicoles best friend and i just dont get why u people r making it the biggest thing! You people must have nothing better 2 do than talk about someone elses body! I can see if your doing it 4 fun but dont stay on it move on. She dont give a fuck what you peole say just to let u all know,if u r saying it to make her made or get on her nerves or somthing,it ant going to happen so lay off, give up,shut up,and... find something better to do w/ ur lives! Because you are just wasting your time!!!! Love, Alwayz, your foreva, PARIS-thatz hott

Re: Nicole Richie
Author: Leah H.
hey, I'm Leah and I'm 14 and nicole Richies best friends cousin... you can figur it out, anywayz me ans nicole are really close and she is not snobby or anything like that, that you might think she is she is really really kool. Now I just got off the phone with her like 2mins ago and she said "paris was on line the other day and she told me that people were on there leaving comets and things bout my nipple ring" and I said " why would people do that?" she said "I dont know cuz i really dont care" i was like " I know why would you" and yeah so she dont care! but why do you wast YOUR time writing things about her when 1. she dont care and 2. why would you care about what she has on her body???!!! k well I g2g cuz I'm talking to my cuz Nikki and I said everything I had to and everything I wonted to so...PEACE! Love, Alwayz and foreva, LEAH-lovez it! Lol

Re: K3l0id p0p3d
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Re: Anal piercing
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Re: Penectomy
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Re: Marijuana
"Halfway through, probably 15 to 20 minutes into the experience, I broke down crying, made him stop, and ran out the front door for air. I felt like I was going to throw up and implode all of my bodily functions at once. I started hyper-ventilating, but made myself calm down."
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Re: Anal stretching
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Re: Aerosmith
Okay. Anyone who thinks that Britney Spears started the whole navel piercing phenonmenon, should be slapped across the face immediatly. I believe that the Aerosmith video for "Cryin'" was the actual ice breaker. Though it was before my time and I was only 4 years old when it came out, I have seen it and am intelligent enough to know that this WAS indeed, one of(if not the first) navel piercings to hit the music industry. I only wanted to get my navel done after seeing the Cryin' video a million times, NOT watching Britney Spears rip off her clothes. Britney Spears' wanna-be's can take all the credit they want for her supposidly "starting" the trend, but everyone knows this; The older the wiser. Therefore, Aerosmith has the real talent, and has every right to take full credit for the navel piercing.

Re: Broken Dick

Re: Heart Attack
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Re: Numb nipples
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Re: Subincision
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Re: Janet Jackson
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Re: God
The most important bullshit in our life which makes body modification possible.

Anyway, I'm off. I'll post some pictures of rural South Africa on my next stop and try and get another update posted before my return as well…

David Clinger, Africa, and the shaft

First of all, thanks to Kara for updating me with this great photo of cyclist David Clinger (who I've mentioned before). He's being forced by Webcor to remove his facial tattoo to keep his job as a pro-cyclist… He's a good looking guy and this tattoo really accents his face nicely (although I'm not sold that it's top quality work), and it's wrong for them to strong-arm him like this. Anyway, this clipping is from The Province out in British Columbia, Canada.

As a result of Webcor's forcing him to remove the tattoo — they're basically saying “either quit your career or remove the tattoo” because of the unique nature of his job — he's going to end up with an enormous amount of pain and quite possibly a face with bad scarring… Maybe one day he'll be able to cash in by suing Webcor into the stone age, but I doubt it.

I'm doing some work here at the hotel, so I thought some people might be interested to see a pretty heavy-duty new piercing a friend of mine just did… it's a shaft ampallang right through the base. Here's some (adults only nsfw) pictures of it:

There are more high-res photos of it and his other modifications in the next update, which I'll probably upload within the next few days (it's ready, I just have to find the time and place to transfer it). I think I could write a good article at this point about updating a high traffic online project while traveling!

Here are a few photos of the extravagant hotel we're at right now. Like I said, it really is over-the-top… The left photo is the view from our room, and the rest are assorted pictures from around the grounds of the hotel. Everything is very well done, although the all-black “yes massa” service really is somewhat disturbing and I don't like it. Maybe I'm not adapting culturally as well as I should, but it feels wrong.

We're here for another night and then we're off either to Capetown, or up to spend our last few days of vacation in chilly, chilly Amsterdam… of course, I'll be so high I won't know the difference (I don't partake in that in Mexico at all). On my way out of this region though I'll take lots of pictures as it's a poor and abused rural zone that's very different than most of what I've posted on this trip. It appears to be a mix of subsistence farming, ranching, platinum mining, and apparently also selling turtles (for soup I imagine, although Rachel thought it might just be an advertising gimmick) to passing cars at intersections.

De Wildt and Shakama photos

Since it was the De Wildt-Shingwedzi ranch that I was staying at, I think it would be suitable to first mention the cheetahs. They're the only approved breeding center in the world for cheetahs, and the only one to successfully retrain and release them into the wild. Believe it or not, they eat Eukunuba food (and the occasional donkey).

The left two photos are a group of young males having their lunch — in the left photo, that's a very rare king cheetah on the far left. The middle photo is cheetahs following us as we drove off, and the right photo, well, that's pre-lunch cranky cheetahs. Below are a couple photos of the “front yard”, “back yard”, and “driveway” of the lodge we stayed at. As a point of trivia, the cost of staying there was a fraction of the cost of the average hotel in Toronto. Barring the flight costs, this is a cheap vacation.

In the right hand photo, taken on the drive up to our lodge, you can see one of the many free-roaming residents. Below we almost ran into a few friends of theirs coming back late at night (a few minutes earlier we'd come upon a very, very fat rhino and her baby, but I wasn't fast enough with my camera after a few Windhoek Lagers).

Below are a few more residents of De Wildt. On the left is (I think) a caracal, then a heard of impala, and, if you've got sharp eyes, a couple of crocodiles (if you don't have sharp eyes, don't go swimming or you risk being eaten), a big ant hill, and a large bird of some sort… Sorry my nomenclature skills aren't more elite. The birds are funny — they rest on the road, and when you drive up to them they won't move until you basically bump them with your car, and then they just hop forward forty feet… It can take a kilometer before they've given you right-of-way.

There was also a pack of African wild dogs, which I take it are sort of the African equivalent to coyotes (they're not like domesticated dogs at all). They have a really bizarre yippy bird-like bark, and are vicious hunters, enjoying the kill — they swarm their prey, slowly taking bites off it, but letting it live… When it eventually dies of shock, they pounce on it and reduce it to skeleton in minutes.

After that story, how about something more pleasant? Here's a picture of a tortoise.

On the right is the sunset at Shakama Game Lodge where we had dinner a couple times (highly recommended). You can't see them in this photo, but as we were having sundowners, we watched kudu drinking at the water hole (which you can just barely see), and giraffes grazing nearby.

Other than that, there's a group of girls sitting across from me in the lobby here where I'm online. They asked what I do, so I told them I make porn (which I guess is true, yeah, I'm a pornographer, and I love it)… I'm pretty sure they liked that answer a lot.

Out from the bushvelt…

Sorry I've not been able to post the last little while. Until earlier today we were staying about an hour from Pretoria, down a long dirt road deep into the bushvelt, on a cheetah reserve. Right now I'm at a crazy over-the-top South African resort (imagine a cross between Las Vegas, Disneyland, and an African Safari), The Palace of the Lost City, trying to get my mail downloaded. It “out-Vegases Vegas” and it predates modern Las Vegas as far as I know.

Anyway, before the two and a half hour drive here, in the last couple days we've come across about thirty cheetah as well as desert lynx and other wild cats, wildebeests, warthogs, insane wild dogs, kudu, impala, caracal, rhinoceros, springbok, crocodiles, tortoises, zebra, tons of different kinds of birds, lots of little lizards, and more. It's amazing how much wildlife is here (but also how much of it is endangered) — and quite something to suddenly come across it on a dark road at night! Pictures soon…

It's really nice being able to see so many stars as well… I'm old enough that I remember stars from my childhood — I don't just mean the occasional glimpse of Venus and the bigger constellations, but millions of stars visible to the naked eye, and the bright and well-defined band of the Milky Way. These days in North America (and even in much of Mexico), they've slowly been going out as we pollute with both layers of smog and incessant artificial light. There are some faiths that believe that the Gods will snuff out the stars as the apocalypse unfolds… Perhaps we've beaten them to it?

I'll write more and post more pictures when I can get to a stable connection… and update BME — I have stuff ready to post, and will do everything I can to at least get BME/extreme and BME/HARD updated shortly. I've had a generous offer of a 512kbps ADSL connection in Johannesburg that I may take up if I can't post from this hotel — they've got wireless on trial and it's going surprisingly quickly!