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Time for a caption contest I think!

My favorites (so far):
“I gotta piss like a faucet” -keebie
“You call this a mechanical bull?” –
“New exotic 'tap dance' routine” – sgthree
“Apparently, not everyone is disturbed by rattling pipes.” -
“that poor blind girl keeps asking why her boyfriends dick is so cold.” -waiting4arson
“Mr Henderson finally realises that his previously scary 'Go stand in the corner young lady' punishment was beginning to lose its fear factor.” -
“David Wilcox's biggest fan, taking lyrics a little too literally.” -Yours truly

**PIX#LINK** Macro

I've added a new image positioning macro that instead of placing the image or a thumbnail thereof into your diary entry instead inserts a link to it. It literally is inserted as a link, so you have to use it in the following form:

Click <a href="**PIX#LINK">here&;lt;/a> to see the picture.

'#' of course is replaced by the image number… In short this allows you to include pictures in diary entries without having to have them all be displayed (but don't forget to link them). Note that in edit mode the image will display, just in case you miss linking it and for general convenience. I'll finish up this entry by giving you an example of how it can be used.

Take a look at the picture below, and try and figure out what piercing that is…

When you're ready to give up, click here for the answer.

(The first picture was placed using **PIX1FULL** and the second with **PIX2LINK**.)

"Support the troops?"

I've been very light on the political entries lately, mostly due to time issues, but there's a set today that disgusts me so much that I really feel I have to mention. It's no surprise that US corporate corruption is over the top, with a fairly endless stream of stories of one company after another collecting multi-million-dollar payoffs and then giving nothing back to either the US or Iraq.

Now, it's one thing for greedy companies run by the richest people in America to do mass defrauding of the American taxpayer. That sort of “spreads the evil” out in a way that maybe they can convince themselves that it's a victimless crime or something — rather than vile war profiteering. But when war profiteering gets personal — when it's used to attack a single family, it really makes me sick.

While in theory there are (some) laws (albeit largely ignored) protecting people from foreclosure on their property while they are off at war, tell that to Wells Fargo and other big companies who are recognizing the economic damage that this back door draft has done as an excellent way for them to do massive asset seizure. These are not wealthy people — Osawatomie, Kansas, Fayetteville, North Carolina, and rural Ohio are a big step removed from the Hamptons. Lives are being destroyed by more than guns and bombs… I've linked to it over and over, but you must read this: WAR IS A RACKET.

It's not just big companies taking advantage of it. Having your partner dragged away for years at a time can put a hell of a strain on a marriage, and many families have been destroyed because of it. To make matters worse, courts are effectively accepting the argument that being in the military makes someone an unfit parent and people are losing custody battles while drafted to fight in Iraq… Can you imagine the horror of having to go and fight in a war you don't want to be in, and then having your kids taken away because of it? It's no wonder recruiters are scrambling

Compare the pictures in this entry and understand
how war affects the rich and poor differently.

Name this piercing, quick!

So ever since I told the “Christina” story (now edited, you dirty cockfiends) about where modern piercings get their names, people have been sending me I want to name (insert-rare-but-done-before-piercing-here) notes. The truth of the matter is that it's really rare for me to get a photo of something I haven't seen before, or at least isn't just a variation on a piercing that's already been done… That said, I just got this kooky scalp piercing from Damien at Flesh Chamber — his customer is convinced it's going to be the next big thing.

I'm not convinced it's going to take off, but you never know.

(Black Flag) Drink, Drink, Drink, Drink Don't think Drive Kill

As much as I love beer, I'm not sure that I'd get the custom license plate that my next door neighbor has… It feels like a recipe for getting pulled over all the time. As much as I don't really mind paying bribes, it would probably get tiresome after a while.

Make sure to tell yourself that this is cool
And make sure to tell yourself that you have no choice
And make sure to tell your friends that they drive you to it
And that you can quit anytime
That you want, anytime

Also on the car theme, my dunebuggy got wrecked yesterday. Not destroyed or anything, but damaged to the point where it's got to be stripped down to the chassis to repair it (it's only a minor problem, but because of how buggies are built, sometimes minor problems require a complete dismantling). It's just sort of irritating when my vehicles get damaged when I lend them to other people. Not for “blame” reasons, but maybe because if something of mine gets broken, I want to be the one breaking it? I think if it was something I did to it, it would feel more “natural”… I know when I crashed my TT shortly after getting it, it bothered the guy whose bodykit-import-thing I smashed into was a lot more upset than I was.