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Got Wind?

I've mentioned them here a few times before, but the folks over at Forcefield have yet another amazing homebrew power project. This time they've built — using only “junk” parts and a home workshop — a 17' windmill capable of generating 3.5 kilowatts in relatively low winds.

While I'm keeping my fingers crossed for various yuppies who've dropped out to live the good life (and escape the peak oil apocalypse… or at least not feel the brunt of $300-a-barrel crude quite as harshly), it's these guys that really prove that humanity can and will survive the energy “crisis”. I don't know that “crisis” is even the right word, because it's not so much that we're running out of energy, it's more that we're hitting a wall where our rampant over-consumption of energy must come to an end. So to make an inappropriate analogy, it's sort of like telling a 1,000-pound man that he's going to have to cut down from 20,000 calories a day to 2,500 — not such a bad idea anyway.

Speaking of wind, I was really inspired by this story on wind-assisted ships… Instead of using a sail they're using a large inflatable kite, flown at about a half kilometer high where the winds are consistent and powerful, to drag ships around.

The power generated is impressive. Their larger sails generate nearly 6 megawatts, which is enough to move an oil tanker or large cargo ship (or at least cut power use in half)… it's got me fantasizing about building a big (and cheap) concrete barge and living on a portable island. One of the things you notice if you fly regularly is that the most amazing places in the world can only be reached by boat (or float plane). I like the idea of traveling around the world with Rachel, but I think I will have to build her a very nice boat to make a convincing case.

Anyway, it's kind of pathetic to end this entry on celebrity gossip, but Bruce Willis dating Lindsay Lohan? I'm sure they each have a different reason from the list, but… aw hell, what am I talking about, Rachel is like ten years younger than me (but at least ten years more mature mentally).

As always, I am in a glass house.

But that's OK, because as they say in the song, I do have opaque shower curtains.

Best. Tattoo. Ever.

This is one of the promo shots from Smash Pictures's new movie Six in Me (starring, among others, Terri Summers, if you care about that sort of trivia). Anyway, I see silly tattoos all the time, but the crucified Gumby on the dude in the top right of the photo has got to be high on my list of funniest tattoos. Googling for it makes me think there may be some in-joke I'm missing, so if anyone can explain the relevance to me, please do.

Some time I want to do a feature on tattooed porn stars. There are getting to be a lot of performers with big work, and interesting stuff that they've obviously thought about as well, not just jailhouse-style crap and flash. But I need to ask you: ?

Image update and extended ramblings

.iam:vanity_lust on the cover of BME

I'm so tired and dazed and generally out of it that it almost killed me to get it done — at one point I had to go lie down, thinking I was going into some kind of shock or stroke (most likely because of the dangerous mix of uppers and downers I subsist on), but I've just posted an image update with a bit over a thousand new pictures. Thanks to everyone who helped out and has been patient waiting for their images to be posted (I'm currently running about ten days behind right now on picture submissions).

I wonder… if the rabid push in America toward “virginity” is causing more teenagers to try anal sex because it's not “technically” sex, will banning facial piercings from schools cause more young people to get pierced south of the border? Anyway, I can probably get arrested these days just for asking that question…

There's lots of good bloody shots in this update, both in the public sections and in BME/HARD of course as well. I think I was a little disappointed that my facial cutting didn't bleed more — we didn't even leave a single drop of blood in the hotel room. Normally my face bleeds like crazy, but then again, it might just be that most of the time when I penetrate the skin which wraps my skull my co-conspirators and I have such alcohol-diluted blood that it flows like wine at some Dionysian orgy.

Thanks to Kevin for that frickin sweet bike image. He's a fan of the red elixir as well, but really, I don't think you could live for long in Saskatchewan without starting to hack away at yourself, so I consider it a very healthy impulse in his case. Thanks also to for the great cover shot. There are more pictures on BME and on her page, but here's a teaser:

You can never go wrong with blood. This next photo set (thanks to Lolli, one of only a very small handful of women I know that have done a chest suspension, for sending it), well, I wasn't sure whether I should file it in the CBT section or the play piercing section — it is 109 needles through a penis after all.

I think I'm starting to ramble a little? So if you like the pictures I just posted, just go check out the site update. I'll try and add more tomorrow but I'm feeling really “off”. Rachel is in Chicago right now dealing with some business, so the following article (found via boingboing) really sounded personal. It's an interview with Robert Crumb's wife:

In a recent interview he described himself as an "ineffectual individual," which is surprising for someone with such a prodigious output. Do you think he could survive without a woman like yourself in his life?
No, he wouldn't. He'd be dead without me. [Laughs.] When I met him his life was such a wreck. He's really a soft guy. He just wants to be liked too much. When he says ineffectual, he just can't say no to people. There are always parasites ready to jump on somebody like that. So I'm the bad cop.

It's sort of scary (sub in “pathetic” if you'd like) how much Rachel keeps me going. As much as I produce what I think is a decent amount of work, it's a lot more effort than I think people would guess… I joke that I'm an idiot savant, or that I can't remember what I did fifteen minutes ago, but it's true… it's not that I'm joking as in “making it up”, but just joking because there's not really anything else I can do about it.

It's now been almost four months since I last slept through the night. In that time period I have gotten at most and hour or two of uninterrupted uninduced sleep, except on the nights where I manage to knock myself out with a bottle of 151-proof Jamaican rum combined with whatever opiate I can get my hands on, escalating my sorry state where I'm playing a chicken-and-egg game with booze and brain damage. It's strange… I don't even really get drunk any more — it just slows me down a little.

I'm pretty sure Bukowski scripted my life, but that's okay because the most beautiful art lives and dies drunk in a gutter… but ultimately I think I'm too much of a mystic. Bukowski would likely beat me senseless and then rape me… so I'm sticking with Jodorowsky“One day, someone showed me a glass of water that was half full. And he said, 'Is it half full or half empty?' So I drank the water. No more problem.” The lower you fall, the higher you can rise.

I liked it coming out of that expensive
cafe in Germany
that rainy night
some of the ladies had learned that I
was in there
and as I walked out well-fed and
the ladies screamed at me
but all I recognized was my name.

I asked a German friend what they were

Germany hates BME?

They tell me BME
is endangering
the German youth.

Personally I think
they are endangered
in its absence.

“they hate you,” he told me,
“they belong to the German Female
Liberation movement…”

I stood and watched them, they were
beautiful and screaming, I
loved them all, I laughed, waved,
blew them kisses.

then my friend, my publisher and my
girlfriend got me into the car; the
engine started, the windshield wipers
began thrashing
and as we drove off in the rain
I looked back
watched them standing in that
terrible weather
waving their placards and their

it was nice to be recognized
in the country of my birth, that
was what mattered

But why the picture of the rhinos you ask?

In a haze this morning I found myself driving down a marsh-side road in Canada when out of the reeds our truck was approached by a family similar to the one you see above, although they were somewhat deformed stylized and were pinkish in hue with large orange giraffe-like spots — I thought to myself, “I have to blog about this”, and reached for my camera only to find I'd left it at home. Irate, I suppose that he'd missed out on his chance for fame and fortune, the largest of the rhinos charged the truck! Rachel threw it in reverse, floored it, and we narrowly avoided the impact.

Slowly the scene faded and I found myself lying on the floor of my office, not sure if I should worry about my hallucination and/or astral projection, or embrace it as another piece of the rich tapestry that we willful lunatics enjoy. But maybe I'm making the whole thing up? In the interest of avoiding another unpleasant stay in the asylum, let me definitely say: it's all a story, told for my own amusement.

I think I'm looking a little more haggard than usual. I wouldn't post such an unflattering picture normally, but it seems that the rougher I look, the more nice things get said, and like some narcissistic Pavlovian dog I can't stop the saliva from flowing. In all seriousness, I think I'm going to build an isolation tank to try and help me rest as soon as we move into the new house. I don't think my mind or body can take not sleeping for much longer, and I never turn down anything that has the potential to open the doors to another dimension, or at least temporarily fool me into believing such a thing.

PS. What does the average BME member's bathroom look like most days? The picture above seems about right to me, and certainly is a scene I've seen play out with my own eyes more than once (much to the chagrin of my housemates I imagine). Ah, arterial spray, my old friend…

Three funny piercings

Or should I say a hundred and forty? The girl in the third photo got 138 piercings. Thanks to BlueStar, nellyzofe, and Plea4paiN for all trying something goofy. I'm not going to tell you that any of these are neccesarily a good idea — not even close — but I'd like to think the universe has a sense of humor, and that entry into heaven is determined by who's told the best jokes and told the best stories, rather than who's washed the most lepers' feet.

Oh, and if you didn't catch it, the left photo isn't just a strangely located hand piercing — it's a piercing through a mole-like birthmark. Like I said, not neccessarily a good idea, but it's not as if I haven't ground over (with the artist cringing the whole time) any mole that got in the way of my tattoos.

So far no cancer or abnormal growths!

More Worldlog animations

Fueled by a mix of Red Bull, coconut milk, cranberry juice, and good old wish-I-was-back-in-the-islands 151-proof rum, I've outputted a few more test animations from my Worldlog software. These are all based on usage stats from my friend ServMe's FriedKitten blog, which is an ideal test because it gets a decent amount of hits, but not so many that it takes a long time to process.

Since my last post on this subject I added some beautification in terms of hits fading out over four frames (rather than just blipping for a single frame), and support for day-night blended animations. The left animation is a one month long animation of daily accesses, and the central animation is the same thing, but zoomed in to show only North America (with slightly different settings).

The right animation is an hourly animation, with every frame being five minutes of access, and is also partially zoomed in. The usage is surprisingly flat (usually the time of day has more of an effect on usage) so I have a nagging feeling there's a problem, but I haven't found it in the code so I'm not sure… Anyway, it's coming along nicely, but now it's back to real work so this project is going to have to stall for a little while. Thanks to everyone who helped me out by sharing log files.