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I've just posted the last of this week's quartet of thousand-plus image updates — experiences tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures, and as well to DeviantSkin for the cover shot of her pervy insert CUM here lip tattoo — and even though her main forum is titled please be polite if you say hello!

A lot of people are passing me the link above (more, more) about a Southern California “Wiccan-slash-neo-pagan” kid that's been suspended for wearing makeup which he's said somehow represents his faith which he shares with his mother, a “priestess“. As wrong as the school is in beating on some self-described “loner” that's just trying to define himself in the absence of peer support, I think it's going to be very difficult for him to win unfortunately — he appears to be an academically troubled student that's already been held back a year or two, with a parent that's as atypical as he is, and minimal friends who will stand beside him through this. It will be a tough-luck sell to get any real public sympathy.

He's playing a card I like — “if I have to take off all my makeup, then everyone else has to take their makeup off too” — and I like his plan to return to school after his suspension in full makeup with a business suit on… However, the school is saying “it's not the makeup, it's that it's disruptive looking, so his strategy won't work I think. I don't buy the “disruptive” card though (see me at 16). Honestly, a dude with funny makeup (or hair, clothes, piercings, or whatever) is a lot less “disruptive” to other students than a hot girl in skimpy clothing that drives the jocks nuts, or even a student with a serious obesity problem that everyone cruelly teases. If other students are unable to learn because they can't stop staring at this kid, then the fault is in them, not with James.

In any case, I fail to see the harm, whether you think it's goofy looking or legitimate. Happy students tend to be good students that enjoy going to school — pushing a kid like this in stupid ways like this just ensure that he'll drop out and never finish school… but I think that given that he's been wearing makeup for years, and they're just doing this now that he's turned 16, the whole goal here is to drive him into dropping out of school, and that's the really vile part of the story.

Read Fighting Oppressive School Dress Codes if you haven't already. It's an excellent overview of the subject. If it makes him feel any better, this dude wasn't allowed to sell his penis to GoldenPalace on eBay for a tattoo. Damn anti-freedom-of-expression goons! Talk hard!

“We, students at Westerburg High, will die. Today. Our burning bodies will be the ultimate protest to a society that degrades us. Fuck you all!”

If the school sticks with their oppression of him, I vote for the Heathers scenario.

Other than that, I thought they'd forgotten about me because it's been a long time since I registered, but this morning I got a call from Virgin Galactic pitching me on joining their Founders Club which would put me on one of the first dozen or so space flights that they launch. I really have to get working and generate some cash so I can pull that one off, but realistically I think I'll end up on a slightly later launch. But, barring accident, the odds are looking real good that I'll be an astronaut in this decade.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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