The new house…

Talked to the current Montage owner about shipping today; it'll go from his place in Texas, cross into Mexico in Tijuana, and then be shipped down to La Paz. The cost isn't



too bad. Other than that, Rachel and I went out for lunch today on the Malecon and then over to our new house to think about how the renovations are going to have to progress. I'll be storing the Montage there when it arrives because it's a fully enclosed compound (whereas our current driveway is ungated).

On the right is a view of the front yard. The funny looking palm tree has to be relocated because it's a hurricane risk. On the left, top to bottom, first is a view of the path from the front door to the road. Next is the side of the house; we're thinking about putting a guest house in that patio space. Middle is a photo of the “shed” quarter of the back yard. Next, inside, you can see how high the ceilings are (at least 16 feet I'd say). Bottom is the view from the front door to the car driveway.

I guess we've got to draw up a long list of everything we want to do, get it pretty solidified, and then get going on it… it'll be nice having a big house with a giant yard (it's on a half acre lot — pretty big for the heart of downtown, three blocks from the ocean), and some privacy and security.

Anyway… back to processing some images…

PS. It's Rachel's birthday tomorrow.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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