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I've just posted an all-public image update with the traditional a-bit-over-a-thousand pictures (and plan on doing the same over the next few days). Enjoy the update, thanks to all the contributors, and as well to n.e.v. for being the cover model today.

Other than that, I wanted to comment on this anti-porn rant by Naomi Wolf (also debunked here) which operates on the core idea that porn doesn't turn people into deviants, it makes them asexual, and that we need to go back to a time where women are covered up and sex is a mystery to have sexually healthy lives. What a load of crap.

She starts off with a “how can real women compete” spiel, opining that she's the last generation of woman that can let her pubic hair grow unruly without being asked to trim it, and that men are now turned off and bored with women that don't smile while receiving a facial (guess she's a creampie girl or something). First of all, porn these days is dominated by the “girl next door” look — not some ultra-airbrushed supermodel type. Given the huge cocks that dominate porn these days, I'd say guys are more likely to be self-conscious than women — still, there's little in porn that normal people can't match, do, and enjoy. But mainstream porn is not a sexual goal — it's an erotic toy that's designed to titillate and get people interested in sex, generally with a partner, even if not at the time. Pornography turns people on, and most people I know that enjoy pornography, enjoy sex in general (with real human partners), facial cumshot or not.

In terms of things like her complaints about facials and impossible sexual positions and even to a lesser extent Brazilian waxing, the thing that Naomi isn't understanding is that when you're shooting a movie, you're presenting a stylized version of sex that's presented for the camera so you're going to present things that work great on screen and are going to be appealing to most viewers — but that they're largely meant to inspire rather than be emulated. Thus on camera, you're going to pull someone's leg out of the way so you can keep penetration on film, or you're going to opt for reverse-cowgirl so you can show someone's whole body, and you're going to have the cumshot be external rather than internal — but I would hope that people understand that this is done largely for the viewer, not the participants (not that plenty of people don't enjoy facials and reverse-cowgirl).

I think her argument really starts to fall apart though when she moves into saying stuff like ultra-orthodox Jews (or maybe the Taliban?) got it right when it comes to their treatment of women… Yeah, idealize cultures that have some of the highest spousal abuse rates in the world, oppress their women, and have boorish men that patronize brothels far more than porn-overdosed Americans.

PS. Along those lines, I highly recommend the movie Kadosh.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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