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I've just posted a bit over a thousand pictures to BME/extreme and BME/HARD. Thanks to everyone who's been patient and helped out, and to Dexie for the cover shot of her “strange person” kanji skin removal. More tomorrow!

I've got insane quantities of work to do over the next few days… genuinely unpleasant quantities… so I'll be brief, but while I was in Toronto I picked up the new Goat Horn CD… for fans of eighties basement metal I can't recommend it highly enough. One of the tattoo artists at Shane's shop did the cover art for the CD (they're a local Toronto band). His band also has a space next to them and he was saying they're 100% serious as well — there's no tongue-in-cheek humor when in the liner notes they write:

As soon as you get home from work or school on Fridays, even before you grab a beer, make sure you crank this record up. Then call your friends, figure out the pardy plan and make sure you bring Goat Horn with you to crank again... And remember: No synths, no pedals, no wimps, no nothing, Just Metal! Die!!

Even before I grab a beer???

I picked up some other great CDs that I may mention later but that's the funnest one.

Anyway, for those of you who are stopping by my talk at APP, I hope it's enjoyable — I'll be showing some things that haven't even been on BME by the way — because I suspect it will be my only public speaking appearance. Given how little I like being around people and how far behind on work I am, I have no idea why I volunteered!

Like some kid drawing customized vans in his school notebook, I keep doodling “my sailboat”… It's a huge 100' ferrocement trimaran built around dual wingsails. I know it has a sort of Batmobile quality in the pictures but it's actually modelled after a ray (as in the fish) — as a point of trivia, the biggest of the rays, the manta ray, can grow to about a quarter the size of this boat (22 feet versus 100 feet).

Other than that, I got this sort of annoying email:

Ok, so this header on your iam page has intrigued me, but I just cant figure it out. It looks like Latin to me, but when translated, it doesnt make a while lot of sense.

Eadem would be the same things, as the direct object of the verb. Then resurgo would be I rise again or I revive Then theres mutato this looks like a variation on muto, mutare, which would be to change or to alter in the first person singular, but that wouldnt make sense because you have two verbs in the first person singular without and or anything like that to link them. And thats really the only word mutato resemble so this is all confusing.

So fess up, what is this supposed to say?

I don't care if someone asks me what something means, but starting off by telling me that “it doesn't make a whole lot of sense” and smarmy stuff like “so fess up, what is this supposed to say” implying I don't know my Latin is just rude.

It's not as if it's that hard to type Eadem Mutato Resurgo into Google.

Though changed I shall arise the same. (more)

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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