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Oh, Say Can Oh, Canada!

Have I mentioned lately how much I like Canada? Not only is the CBC playing the new Dr. Who series, but another Canadian production company is pitching the possibility of taking over production of Star Trek Enterprise so the series doesn't die. I know a lot of people don't like the show, but I was enjoying it. Click the angry beaver for more.

That reminds me — do you have a Star Trek tattoo? — I got the following email, and maybe you'd like to enjoy your übernerd fifteen minutes of fame. You can just write Jessica directly via the email below (but let her know you got it from me so I get Rolodex points).

Subject: Re: Star Trek
From: Jessica Harling <>

Hi Shannon,
I am a researcher at a television company in London in the UK, At it productions.
I have visited your website and saw some people who have had some amazing star Trek tattoos designed.
We are currently looking into producing a fun documentary following some more unusual/quirky/outragous Star Trek fans and fan sites/organizations, this documentary would be entitled: Star Trek Changed My Life.

I am hoping that you could please let any clients that have had Star Trek tattoos done, that you are in contact with of our interest in talking to them about their passion and why they felt so strongly about Star trek they had a tattoo. I found a member on the site who had an an amazing set of tattoos designed on his back, but the link didnt work. I am hoping you could provide me with email contacts for the members who have had Star trek tattoos that are on the site.

I am wondering also, if we can get in contact with any of your members who have had star trek tattoos done, (I realize as far as I know that you haven't got any Star Trek tattoos yourself!) but would you be willing to give your commentry/views/thoughts on why people have such a passion for Star Trek or indeed for any subject that they go to- what some people would say- is the extreme of getting a significant part of their body covered in that subjects tattoos?

I would really really appreciate your help in this, kind regards


If you hang out on any other Trek forums or elsewhere you think this would be received, feel free to repost it from my point of view.


Picture this. The day before you're about to leave on a vacation with friends, you get up and decide to go to your favorite restaurant for lunch, a short bike ride away. As you head toward it, you realize that the streets are unusually crowded, and there are police in the area. You ask the cops what's going on, and they don't know. So you keep heading toward the restaurant, and as you round the corner on your bike, you come upon a row of riot cops headed toward you.

5 meg, 2 minutes long

You turn around, deciding that this probably isn't the right day for a sushi lunch break, only to discover that the path back to your apartment has been barricaded by more cops. So you ask a police officer what you're suppose to do and they point you down another street and ask you to go there. After a moment of walking your bike in that direction, you realize that it's a dead end. You turn around, and the cop is right behind you.

“I just wanted to get you somewhere that I could arrest you,” he says, and you're jumped by several other cops who pull your arms behind your back and cinch plastic cuffs on you so tight they're cutting off the circulation. It's a mass arrest and the same starts happening to everyone around you. As they throw you onto the police bus with the others, you ask them to loosen the cuffs — instead they tighten them even more.

After spending the night in a makeshift outdoor holding pen, you're taken to prison and processed. At this point you've missed your flight by the way, and you've been charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, parading without a permit, and obstructing government administration. You're offered a plea bargain — admit to disorderly conduct and you'll get time served. As a Harvard graduate hoping to do law or bank firm work, this could effectively end your career, so you opt to fight the charges.

The evidence presented against you includes sworn statements by the “arresting” officer — a woman who you've never met and is a different officer than the male officer who actually cornered, ambushed, and arrested you. Luckily there is some police video of the protest which includes you and it is released to your attorney. Even though they tell your lawyer it is the complete and unedited tape, it only shows you at the scene of the protest and then later footage of you already arrested and sitting cuffed with other prisoners. Unfortunately it shows neither your arrest nor your arresting officer, which are key since you need to show that you were peaceful and just asking the police how to get home, and that the sworn police statements against you are false and signed by an officer that wasn't even on the scene.

You go to I-Witness Video who has been collecting a large volume of footage from the event (which at this point you know was a protest against the Republican National Convention) and review what they have. Nothing. However, they later receive a video (from another RNC case) on which they recognize you and call your lawyer to come and review it. He comes in to see it and is at first dismayed because it appears to be the same tape as he has, which contains no useful footage — but then something strange happens.

The “unedited” tape the police released to you cuts off before your arrest and then resumes afterwards, but this tape shows the whole thing, confirming your story. It shows you peacefully approaching the police, asking some questions, and then being jumped and forcefully arrested — looking bewildered, but not resisting as they claim. In addition, it shows you being arrested by different cops than the ones that are testifying against you.

Eight months after your arrest, charges are quietly dismissed.

This is a true story, and Alexander Dunlop recently appeared on Democracy Now talking about his experiences. America has become a prison-industrial complex where police are perfectly happy to arrest the innocent, knowingly prosecute them on doctored evidence and false testimony, and cover-ups of government mistakes are the status quo.

While not at all as extreme, it reminded me of the OCAP protest I filmed in 2001 and you can download from this entry. After the protest (which was largely peaceful and noneventful), it was characterized as terrorism and “organized crime” with the goal of the “animals” being to throw molotov cocktails at Toronto's Sick Kids Hospital. None of the mainstream news agencies disputed these claims and repeated them nationally.

I really don't go to many protests (and don't go to any down here of course), but both of these events really drove something home, and that's how important it is for the public to seize the media to get the truth out. As much as we'd like to trust the government, or believe that the police are there to protect the public, none of that is true. They're there to protect the status quo at all costs, and to make sure the people at the top of the food chain stay there. Now, in general that means things stay stable, but it also creates a monster that's concerned not with justice but in sustenance.

Videotape and record everything, make copies, and put it online.
Bring your camera everywhere.

Note: the video is a pretty poorly done, low resolution clip from years ago but it may still be of interest to some people. If anyone has the high-res version, please let me know because my source tape for this is in storage. I'd like to fix a few of the mistakes in it…

On a mildly related note, I found this bizarre piece of advertising strange. If you look up the lyrics to NWA's Fuck Tha Police on LyricsDepot (warning: very spammy pop-up heavy site), it gives you two “recommended” CD purchase links on Amazon. Now, Straight Outta Compton, that one makes sense… but The Ultimate Percy Faith Collection. Seriously, WTF?

I need a new death trap

Rachel has been bugging me for another Porsche… If anyone feels like getting an eBay account and being ridiculously Santaclausian (I've been banned for selling human skulls and restricted pharmaceuticals), I've got a real lust for a Manta Montage… I miss my old Mirage but I don't think it has the ground clearance to handle Mexican roads (the Montage does though).

Maybe I need to convince the APP to wayyyy increase my speakers fee (which is currently $0.00).

I think I'm going to bring my truck down here, but I have to make some arrangements and enlist some help to pull that off since I'm thousands of miles away.

Playing with fire

Orbax (be sure to read Mommy's Little Monster if you haven't already for the backstory) has given me permission to post a video of his fire accident as a warning to others. Even experienced performers can and do get injured, and sometimes very seriously. This event was the turning point that eliminated fire performances from his act, and perhaps more importantly, motivated him to stop teaching others to work with fire, essentially making the statement, it's not worth it.

It's a twenty-two second Windows Media file (about four meg in size). Right click and save-as on the above picture to download it. Clip courtesy of 027. It is quite graphic.

(Original forum unavailable, sorry)*

My teen angst has a body count


I've just posted the last of this week's quartet of thousand-plus image updates — experiences tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures, and as well to DeviantSkin for the cover shot of her pervy insert CUM here lip tattoo — and even though her main forum is titled please be polite if you say hello!

A lot of people are passing me the link above (more, more) about a Southern California “Wiccan-slash-neo-pagan” kid that's been suspended for wearing makeup which he's said somehow represents his faith which he shares with his mother, a “priestess“. As wrong as the school is in beating on some self-described “loner” that's just trying to define himself in the absence of peer support, I think it's going to be very difficult for him to win unfortunately — he appears to be an academically troubled student that's already been held back a year or two, with a parent that's as atypical as he is, and minimal friends who will stand beside him through this. It will be a tough-luck sell to get any real public sympathy.

He's playing a card I like — “if I have to take off all my makeup, then everyone else has to take their makeup off too” — and I like his plan to return to school after his suspension in full makeup with a business suit on… However, the school is saying “it's not the makeup, it's that it's disruptive looking, so his strategy won't work I think. I don't buy the “disruptive” card though (see me at 16). Honestly, a dude with funny makeup (or hair, clothes, piercings, or whatever) is a lot less “disruptive” to other students than a hot girl in skimpy clothing that drives the jocks nuts, or even a student with a serious obesity problem that everyone cruelly teases. If other students are unable to learn because they can't stop staring at this kid, then the fault is in them, not with James.

In any case, I fail to see the harm, whether you think it's goofy looking or legitimate. Happy students tend to be good students that enjoy going to school — pushing a kid like this in stupid ways like this just ensure that he'll drop out and never finish school… but I think that given that he's been wearing makeup for years, and they're just doing this now that he's turned 16, the whole goal here is to drive him into dropping out of school, and that's the really vile part of the story.

Read Fighting Oppressive School Dress Codes if you haven't already. It's an excellent overview of the subject. If it makes him feel any better, this dude wasn't allowed to sell his penis to GoldenPalace on eBay for a tattoo. Damn anti-freedom-of-expression goons! Talk hard!

“We, students at Westerburg High, will die. Today. Our burning bodies will be the ultimate protest to a society that degrades us. Fuck you all!”

If the school sticks with their oppression of him, I vote for the Heathers scenario.

Other than that, I thought they'd forgotten about me because it's been a long time since I registered, but this morning I got a call from Virgin Galactic pitching me on joining their Founders Club which would put me on one of the first dozen or so space flights that they launch. I really have to get working and generate some cash so I can pull that one off, but realistically I think I'll end up on a slightly later launch. But, barring accident, the odds are looking real good that I'll be an astronaut in this decade.