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Image update posted


I've just posted a new image update, with over a thousand pictures in the BME/extreme and BME/HARD galleries, and then a hundred more in the nipple galleries as well. Thank you to everyone who helped out, and to Louie (the Mexican Mutant) for being on the cover.

Other than that I was surprised this morning to see a post on penis enlargement on boingboing… I thought at first they'd really gone off the deep end in terms of ad revenues, but it turns out Salon is running a great article on “Double Long Daddy” (aka who at this point is about an inch and a half short of a foot in length. Salon claims they verified his size personally, but didn't include images in the article (but as they say, this thread is useless without pictures, so here you go: 1 2 3).

I was thinking that he'd be worth interviewing in the book… not because of his size in and of itself — there are others in the book (and in the BME galleries and on IAM) who are larger — but because of his genital obsession and the work that's gone into transforming himself from a relatively normal guy physically to someone who's clearly outside the norm… That drive to obtain “the ideal penis” is an underlying theme in the book I think.

Anyway, enjoy the update. I'm dedicating today to working on interviews, but there'll be another 1,000+ image update tomorrow and the next day as well, and then experiences on Friday.



I'm waiting for an upload to complete… the DSL here has been going up and down for the last 18 hours so it's been a little difficult getting it posted. So in the meantime, here's the latest AOL/AIM complaint set I've received. Kids these days…!

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Pseudodaiths   <rant begin>

I've heard many sex educators (and piercers) opine that women don't know what their own anatomy looks like, let alone knowing the names of its various bits and pieces — whereas men almost always know exactly what both male and female genitals look like and are called in minutia. Well, in that vein, on nearly every update I get pictures from piercers that are misnamed, and there's one that's consistent and always drives me bonkers.





Every update this mistake gets made a couple times, and almost always by piercers themselves…

I'm sorry, I mean no offense by this entry to piercers having difficulty with the nomenclature, but a daith is on the inside of the ear. Fully. If it's not, it's just an unusually place helix piercing. Not a Daith. It's a piercer's responsibility to know these things in my opinion.

I don't care if you pronounce it “daw-th” or “day-th”. But the placement and name go together and I think these things are worth not being sloppy about.

<rant complete>

Can you figure it out?

Only the truly geeky will instantly figure out the secret meaning of this tattoo. If you can't see it, the answer (or at least a good clue) is on Aphrodite's IAM page.

Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of bad news

As soon as I saw the goofy concept art for the new Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie I was 99% sure it was going to suck… but, having read them over and over as a kid, I held onto the hope that maybe the 1% would come to fruition. Having read my first review of the movie this evening, I just have one thing to say… “Pardon me for breathing, which I never do anyway so I don't know why I bother to say it, oh God I'm so depressed…”

I really hope this is a case of a superfan that's not satisfied by anything…