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Another funny tattoo…

I don't know if it's in ALF territory, but Kabman (new member, go say hello if you want) really has a funny tattoo… It made me feel a little better about the toe-skewering!

I showed this to the artist we'd been talking
to and she just laughed and said,
"Are you serious? You know these are for life?"

People sure get some weird stuff tattooed on them… (That's a good thing)

I think I stepped on a nail…

I've mentioned this before, but the one thing that kind of squicks me out is foot torture. I don't even like thinking about bottom of the foot tattoos. Needle through the balls? No big deal. But feet stuff really makes me shudder for some reason (tomorrow's update is mostly BME/HARD and BME/extreme content, including some stuff along those lines).

Naked girls are always better with BME

It always surprises me how often I see BME tattoos on people who I don't know and have never even talked to (I always assume they'd at least submit a picture)… A friend of mine here on IAM pointed out a softcore solo shoot on I Shot Myself where the person has a BME tattoo. I wonder if they knew if it had anything to do with BME, or if they just thought it was flash… Anyway, if you know who this is, drop me a line because I'd love to send them a membership. Yes, they knew!

Is it bad that I really enjoy seeing erotic shoots that someone involve a BME logo? Meh, what do I care… I am so far beyond moralizing about my life. I'm with Bart Simpson — if it feels good, do it!

HERO? I got my twelve gauge sawed off. I got my headlights turned off.

In America, companies knowingly cheat on their pollution controls, paying fines instead of correcting the problem. In the coal industry alone this results in the deaths of hundreds of miners a year. Other mining companies have knowingly violated safety standards resulting in mine fires killing dozens of workers. They do this because they have a responsibility to their shareholders to maximize profits. In the clearest of terms, a corporation is permitted to commit murder if it is profitable.

The list of corporations that have maimed and killed private citizens is endless, and corporations are rarely prosecuted for it let alone investigated, and when they are, the people who cause the corporations to act in this way are shielded as the company pays a small fine. Keep this in mind when you read the following article in today's Washington Post:

At 1:27 a.m. on Nov. 19, 2002, Officer David Mobilio of the Red Bluff Police Department was working the graveyard shift when he pulled his cruiser into a gas station in his quiet little farm town. As he stood beside the car, the 31-year-old husband and father of a toddler was shot three times, twice in the back and once in the head, at very close range.

Beside Mobilio's dead body, someone left a handmade flag with a picture of a snake's head and the words "Don't Tread on Us."

Six days later the killer posted (READ IT) a confession-slash-manifesto, admitting to doing the killing, but declared himself protected behind a corporate shield, as he had formed a corporation called Proud and Insolent Youth Incorporated to kill cops and be immune from real criminal prosecution.

Unfortunately, I agree with his act.

While I'm deeply saddened that a cop (or anyone) had to die for this point to be made, the fact is that corporations kill hundreds of thousands of people around the world every year, willfully and knowingly, purely in the name of profit, and not only is it permitted, but they are rewarded for it. Governments run by the richest of the rich kill millions more around the world in order to maintain the power structure than keeps them rich. This case asks and maybe will answer an important question:

    Why does being rich give you permission to kill the poor?
    Why is killing in the name of profit legal?

As long as we consider continue to allow corporate killing it is fundamentally wrong (or at least hypocritical) to condemn this murder. Sadly I suspect Andy will be drugged, thrown in Arkham Asylum, and the revolution will be forgotten as the poor continue to die to fatten the rich.

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Not only is he skilled with the ladies, but Clive can fix your car… After an unsuccessful bout of attempting to push start el Buggi, he found the problem with the car's electrical system! I still have to unbolt the rear seat and put things back together, but the problem is solved. Not that I mind riding the scooters everywhere, but having a car has its merits.


Other than that, I got the following tattoo my friend Berty in Antalya, Turkey. I'm not going to go on and on about stolen tattoos because it's Turkey and, in what may well be a bout of racism or at least nationalism, I'm assuming their standards of copyright are not what we have here in the West, but I wonder… does this person know that this tattoo isn't just some random cartoon character, but a comic portrait of an IAM member's son?

Finally, thanks to Vikinga for these pictures which are both funny and beautiful all at the same time.

Tomorrow there'll be an image update which (may) contain the full set of photos (and if not they'll be added soon), as well as a new article on horizontal tongue piercing by Gillian, who, if you still haven't realized it, does actually have all her fingers.