I'm going to hell… anyone joining me?

I am most definitely going to burn for posting this mashup video. It is in extremely bad taste. Initially I was just going to post the original video clip because it's a fascinating Islamic bloodletting ritual out of Lebanon that I thought readers of this blog would find interesting, but then I don't know, I suppose ol' demon alcohol caught up with me and I somehow convinced myself this was incredibly funny in a really, really dark humor sort of way.


Anyway, the video clip is from In The Name Of God: Scenes From The Extreme, a really brilliant and both disturbing and enlightening movie on Muslim jihadism (including interviews with pre-martyrdom suicide bombers — check out ChomskyTorrents.org for movies like this if you can't find them for purchase), and of course the audio is from heavy metal's next big thing, Goat Horn.

UPDATE: Since everyone is asking me I'll put this into context. The intro text for the segment reads, “In places like Lebanon and Iraq, members of some radical Shi'ite communities hold a blood ceremony to experience the sacrificial ecstasy of the martyr.” According to the subtitles, they are chanting, “Proudly we mourn for Hussein. On the day of Ashura they will kill me. On that day I will bathe in blood.”

In other news I see the Canadian Navy is finally dumping their Oberon-class (hello Star Trek) submarines, and are willing to let them go for as little as $32,000 USD. Now, they're pretty ancient and would take a lot of work to get going, but that's a great deal — these things are literally three hundred feet long and carried a crew of 68. I'm sure someone must be able to find a better use for them than scrap metal…? Anyone?

Hell, just sink it somewhere and live in an underwater house.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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