Only in Saudi Arabia America!

So a couple gets divored, and after the divorce a government agency discovers that they are Wiccans, and report this to the courts. Threatening to take away the parents' custody, the Indianapolis court system has issued an order prohibitting both parents from exposing their nine-year-old son to “non-mainstream religious beliefs and rituals”.

Speaking more specifically, the judge has ordered that the boy be raised Christian.

Now, I can't imagine that the ACLU won't strike this down on appeal, but not until it's cost the taxpayers (and this family) a fortune in time, money, and pain. Here's the offensive beliefs that enraged the judge:

"[Wicca] is an understanding that we're all connected, and respecting that. I celebrate life as a duality. There's a male and female force to everything. I feel the Earth is a living creature. I don't believe in Satan or any creature of infinite evil."

Don't believe in infinite evil? Well then how are we supposed to keep you full of fear and under control?

I can just see the judge's head spinning: “A male and female in everything? What's that, some queer propaganda or something?”… “Won't somebody please think of the children!?” (via MeFi)

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