Florida Piercing Regulations

I've just posted the Florida Department of Health's video talking about their new body piercing regulations (since it's a government publication it's copyright free). Please note that it's pretty dry stuff and doesn't include anything other than incidental piercing footage; it's a legal and informational video.

The new regs are a pretty aggressive set of laws (including things like the use of sterile gloves) that I don't imagine most studios in North America would meet — not that most of it isn't a much needed good idea. The only part that really kind of freaks me out is the record keeping aspect — you have to record and keep on file the race of your customers, all sorts of personal details about them and people they know, and more. In addition, the government has full access to these records and can look at them any time they want. I find that a little disturbing personally.


Also, if a customer comes in with something as mild as “a suspected infection” you have to file a report with the government within 72 hours (or face a thousand dollar fine and possible criminal charges), including the person's full contact details that you previously recorded about them. Hello, 1984. You also have to hang a big sign in your studio that tells people that if they have any complaints they should call the Department of Health.

Oh, but if you use a piercing gun none of the above applies.

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