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BME space cult?

I just got the following message.

This may sound wierd, but I have been writing (for the past three years) a video game that has, as a component, a group inspired by BME that leaves the planet Earth prior to it's destruction and settles a planet and founds a rather body-modification oriented society (it is really more than that by a great deal and this is but a component of it - I work third shift and I am trying to avoid being vapid right now due to exhaustion). I'm wondering if you have any thoughts about how such a culture would operate and evolve, especially in the context of being a part of a larger 'interpanetary' society or whatnot that is as hostile to people with heavy visible modification as ours is today.

I wonder… how would you rig a suspension in zero-g?

Anyway, post your ideas for how a body modification and ritual-laden culture could evolve in a far future space-faring scenario in the forum, and you may see them used in the game. It goes without saying that by posting your idea, you relinquish creative rights to it and give permission for the developer to use it without credit (although he says he will, so those are my words not his), etc.!

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This will give me nightmares

People say to me all the time “hey, do you ever get photos that gross you out? is anything going too far from your point of view?” It's actually one of the most common questions I'm hit with in interviews. Now, I can't tell you that I'm cool with getting scat photos, because that's really not my thing, but I don't count that because it's not overtly mod related… but this fucked up photo from a depraved member of the is seriously upsetting me.

10 mil voltios de terror!

I rode the scooter down to the CCC (the local supermarket) this afternoon and took a flip through their DVDs. Most are Spanish dubs of old American and Italian horror movies and the occasional softcore porn. I picked up the ones below; they cost 46 pesos ($4.18 US) so even if they're terrible it's still cool. No, I didn't get Fiesta Party III (mixed in with kids movies!)…

The horror movies seem a lot scarier with Spanish titles.

BME Search Engine

As a point of trivia, I thought it might interest people to know the top 40 search terms on BME (since I did the last update to the search engine). I'd expected to see sex terms at the very top, but the terms are surprisingly mundane and tattoo-oriented.

1. iam:kivaka
2. corset
3. wings
4. sleeve
5. stars
6. swallow
7. dragon
8. phoenix
9. butterfly
10. tribal
11. foot
12. angel
13. swallows
14. fairies
15. heart
16. lotus
17. penis
18. sun
19. star
20. rose
21. flames
22. star tattoos
23. flowers
24. fairy
25. white ink
26. monroe
27. nipples
28. cross
29. dragons
30. sacred heart
31. nipple
32. cherries
33. tree
34. guns
35. tiger
36. dragonfly
37. koi
38. flower
39. roses
40. feet

The searches themselves are coming in from a fairly predictable set of locations as you can see from the map below (this is three days of data by the way; the search engine isn't really that active and gets only about a request every three or four seconds).

That's gotta hurt

Can I just say for the record that I really do not think I would enjoy getting my hard palette tattooed. No way. I think this might actually be the first time I've ever even seen it done (by Joaozinhu at Tattoo Way, Franca, SP, Brazil)…

Anyway, I'm uploading all old (2000, 2001) BME/radio interviews so I anticipate being able to post all of them later tonight… and then work starts on resurrecting it (again).