Monthly Archives: May 2005

Don't know when I'll be home again

Earlier this week an eight year old kid in Philadelphia took one of her diabetic mother's insulin syringes to school. She spent the day asking her friends, do you want to get poked?, and upon their reply — affirmative or not — she jabbed them with the needle. Turns out one of the kids had AIDS, so now everyone after them has a 1/300 chance or so of being infected. I don't even want to know how the other kid got AIDS in the first place…

Is it any wonder that Xtian nutcases convince themselves that the rapture is nearly upon us, given events like this happening on a nearly daily basis?

Anyway, the kid has been suspended. Stab about twenty kids with a needle, potentially giving a number of them a fatal diseased? Suspension. Get a body piercing? Get expelled. Ah, scholastic priorities.

Yeah, it's about education, but not the “make you smarter” type… it's all about brainwashing and social conditioning. Murder is inconsequential in comparison to rejecting your predefined social role and uniform.

We're getting on our airplane shortly. I don't own a cellphone, so unless you're one of the few that know Rachel's phone number, the best way to get in touch with me until I know where I'm staying and all that is via IAM (just message me with your contact details). Here are the only 100% confirmed details of where I will be and when:

TUESDAY – MAY 3 2005: 4-6 PM
Extreme Piercing and Heavy Body Modification

APP Annual Conference and Expo
The Riviera Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

If you come and you're familiar with the subject, I hope you'll share your stories.