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Revi persees!!!

Warning: Extremely explicit photo

If you can instantly tell what you're looking at, then you know you've been reading BME too long. Or maybe a better way to put it would be that you've graduated from BME/HARD University and deserve a bloody diploma of some sort…


I figured I should update our car page (twenty-five vehicles so far), so I washed and took a couple more pictures of the Manta Montage which is now here in Mexico safe and sound. I really wasn't sure that it would make it across the border, but it was surprisingly hassle-free.

The door hinge assembly is a little bit off and needs adjustment but other than that it's just minor scrapes and bruises that are pretty normal for a car that's been in and out of storage (more of the latter) for over a decade… One the general trim is cleaned up this car will be stellar.

PS. It doesn't have a dark stripe, that's just a shadow!

Implant photos

I thought I ought to first post some pictures of my new neodymium magnet implants. For those that don't know anything about these, you can click here to read the original BME article on it. Short version; the goal is to insert magnets into your sensory matrix, giving you what is in effect, magnetic vision — literally the ability to “see” EM and other magnetic fields. I'm “experiment number three” on this I guess, and below are the two sets that were done on me:

In my left hand are four micromagnets in a grid layout, all done as separate implants in separate placement channels. In my right hand is a single large stack of magnets (much more “obviously” powerful). The functional difference between the two will start to become apparent in a month when the integration with my nervous system is more complete.

Below are the procedural photos. Pictures taken by Rachel, with the procedure itself of course by Steve Haworth assisted by Miss Cookie. The implants themselves are designed and fabricated by Jesse Jarrell.

Implants soaking in a Technicare antimicrobial solution.

The incision being made on my right hand. Getting your hands worked on sucks.

Starting to open a pocket for the larger implant.

My skin is thick and the tissue is very tight, making it difficult.

Finishing up creating the pocket for the implant.

With the implant in, suturing it closed.

And, hand number one is done. I don't really want to continue at this point!

…but I do, and we make small incisions on my left hand for the singles.

Sliding the first one into place; no spatula is required because they're so tiny.

Suturing the first incision on hand number two closed.

These tiny little things are very tricky to insert!

And, with five implants total inserted, we're all done.

Thanks again to Steve, Jesse, Cookie (and Todd) for making this possible! I will of course keep everyone updated. I'm very excited about the potential in this type of work… of course if you want them done Steve is who you need to talk to (Steve Haworth's website can be visted here by non-BME/IAM members).

Shocker-related Accident

Just got back from our long road trip from Nogales to Topolobampo and then via ferry to La Paz. I'll write about it in more detail later, but at the border they had to call Mexico City to get special authorization to write “OTROS/OTROS/OTROS” on my car details, ha…

Woof woof woof – – yelp!

I'm not sure this little guy looks very happy about getting his ears pierced. This is by Body Piercing by Depine in Jaragua do Sul in Brasil…