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What I did today

First another not-terribly-exciting editing of “what Shannon ate”. Today I made a tomato sauce with various fresh vegetables; fresh tomatoes, green pepper, cactus, white onion, whole young onion, garlic, and mushrooms (they were canned though; it's hard to get good fresh mushrooms in La Paz for some reason). Spicing is pretty basic; salt, pepper, some powdered chile, and a bit of paprika and cumin, and then lightly cooked in olive oil and the vegetable juices.

Certainly a lot nicer than Ragu from a can, no offense intended to the fine folks at Unilever Corporation.

Other than that I've been working hard refining the BMEvideo software (the stuff that lets me add and process videos, build the site, issue memberships, and so on), tweaking it as I slowly add everything from my current archive. I should mention that as a thank you to the people who are part of the initial posting, I'm issuing extra long memberships.

If you have a video (or better yet, lots of them) you'd like me to include, just email it to me at I can use any content that would go on BME/HARD or BME/extreme, both procedural stuff (ie. modifications being done), show-n-tell clips (ie. mods being shown off), and play videos (ie. pretty much anything that would normally be posted to BME/HARD).

I can accept videos in any format and any quality.

Help me make this site great!

PS. If you'd rather mail in content, just write me and I'll give you a snailmail dropsite, and in a week or so I hope to have an FTP dropsite set up as well for those that have email caps that don't allow them to send videos.

What Shannon Ate

People seem to be amused by entries on what I eat for some reason, so here's my simple supper of the day… Cactus sesame fried in jalepeno, young full onion, and garlic with noodles (and a little lemon, cumin, paprika, and chile peppers). Nice simple dish but quite yummy. In that combination the cactus tastes surprisingly like okra for some reason.

I think one of the sad things about modern society is that so few people know how to cook — let alone knowing how to can food, garden, brew beer, and so on… If we ever really are hit with an economic, environmental, or pandemic crisis, these skills will become very valuable again.

An angel's smile is what you sell You promise me heaven, then put me through hell

One of the things about knowing a lot of people both online and in person is that you tend to know many unpleasant things that you'd rather not know about those people. I think of the various couples I know — usually where I consider each of them a friend — I can think of a handful where I either know or have very strong reason to believe that one or both of them are cheating on or otherwise betraying and hurting the other… and not in a good way…

Now, this is no Dear Abby Reader posting, but I am interested in knowing this from any friends that read this diary: If I know that your partner is cheating on you, do you want me to tell you, or would you rather I just mind my own business? How “sure” do you want me to be before I say something to you? What if I know they're cheating, but don't think it affects your relationship (like it only happens on vacation, or with prostitutes or a mistress, or whatever)?

And those of you on the other side of the cheater-coin, do you want me to say anything to you?

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Note: Just to be clear, my general policy is “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!” — that is, I don't want to know about it in the first place, and I'm keeping my mouth shut. If you think your partner is cheating on you and you know I'm friends with both of you, feel free to approach me directly, but unless you ask, as a rule I'm not volunteering anything!

We're all gonna die!


I've just posted about 1,300 new pictures to BME; most are in the members section but they're also dotted across other public galleries as well. Thank you to all the contributors, and to Manny for the cover shot of a scarification he did (and Jonathan for the BME/extreme cover shot, making this a double does of South America).


While it's quite possible that state police will simply ignore federal law (what's that, non-violent civil war in America?), the US Supreme Court has recently banned even medical marijuana. I was thinking about this in the context of Viagra, which is a “prescription” drug that anyone in America can easily get for recreational purposes (it's goal is to make you feel good) with no more than a phone call or by filling out an online form.

Thousands of people have died (although post-2000 statistics are extremely difficult to find) due to the platelet clumping effect of Viagra, including in younger men with no heart problems. Other men have gone blind and suffered a variety of debilitating side effects. Marijuana on the other hand has never directly caused a single death in its entire history — and many more people have used it.

The lethal dose of marijuana is simply too high to be able to ingest enough, and there are no dangerous side effects. Not only that, but marijuana doesn't even affect things like reaction time enough to make DUI an issue… Marijuana is safe. Typical government hypocrisy. If something is safe, effective, and has minimal side effects or health issues, how will the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries continue getting rich? Oh yeah, that's where cigarettes (hey girls) and alcohol come in.

Side note: I've never actually tried Viagra or any other similar drug, although I suppose I would — but mostly because, hell, I'd try anything — but on a peripheral subject I have to admit that I find drugs and products that reduce sensation a little disturbing (why not just get drunk if that's your issue)… back to this topic, marijuana is much nicer for sex (or even just eating a great meal) because it increases sensation! But modern sex is about maintaining the image of a pornstar I suppose, rather than enjoying yourselves?


Along those profit-oriented lines, according to the Army Times, not only are Americans continuing to die in Iraq as the insurgency grows, but about $200 billion has been spent so far “with no end in sight“. Let's assume for a moment that the number hits about $600 billion by the time troops are pulled out — and I think that's a conservative number. That's $2,000 for every American, although with Bush's tax cuts for the rich, that load sits more heavily on the shoulders of the poor (ah, war, friend of the rich).

And that's just the war. If you look at America's current debt and long-term deficits, the United States is $43 trillion in the hole (about $150,000 for every taxpayer in the United States, or twenty years worth of tax revenues). Let me write that out to make it more clear: $43,000,000,000,000.

…that's “43” plus twelve zeroes!

Where it really gets scary is when you look and see that under Bush taxes have not been raised significantly but spending is way up. So where is the money coming from? Who is bankrolling the American war, funneling American debt into the hands of government officials, and inching America deeper and deeper into bankrupcy? The White House is borrowing about $2 billion a day, largely from Chinese and Japanese megabanks — literally half of China's GDP goes to financing American debt.

But keep on voting for politicians that choose to buy $500 million stealth bombers from their buddies that build them at monstrous profits — even though the undefendably effective stealth munitions delivery system of choice these days is a suicide bomber in a car that looks like every other car on the street… Oh yeah, and 50 million people are going to die of AIDS (and that's if we stop infection today, which isn't going to happen), a billion people can't read or write, and a billion and a half people on this planet don't even have access to clean water. We're kind of fucked if we don't pull our heads out of our asses.*

In the “good news department”, slavery is a booming business, with profits way up. At least something good is coming from global depression, right? Oh wait… that's not good news, is it?

Well, in the “real” good news department, at least they're flying commercial flights into Baghdad International again, right? Of course, they're also sacrificing goats on the tarmac to celebrate, but hey, it's a religion of peace so cut them some bloody slack! Unless you're a goat I guess.

Of course, back in America they're using tasers on shoolchildren, so welcome to the glass house.

* Here's the real problem — this apocalyptic economic co-dependent relationship is not sustainable. Variance in either China or America's economy can tank both of them. America is still in the lead in terms of production capability and weaponry. Before that changes, I believe that it's quite likely that America will simply say “screw you” to its debt (tanking its economy internationally), switch to nuclear and alternative energy, and close its borders, flying the “don't tread on me” flag. Fuck with us and we nuke your civilian centers. No troops, no war. Just a whole lotta nukes right in the downtown core of your biggest cities.

This is a boring entry Don't bother reading it

When peak oil hits, there's a real good chance that I'm going down with the ship given the terrible, terrible locomotion choices I've made. I have a long entry pending on that subject, but in the meantime I wanted to post another picture of my Manta Montage so you could see the height. It's actually a much taller car than my other Manta, the Mirage (sadly sold).

I love low cars… Once we're finally moved into our new house I really want to get a workshop set up again where I can build from scratch.

Other than that, I figured it was about time for another installment of AOL user complaints mistakenly sent to “IAM customer support” instead of “AIM customer support.” It's not a particularly funny set, but it's good to keep the buffer clear… Let's start with Sweetsherr4u.

"shes advertising hooker services.
she is harrasing me and advertising callgirl & hooker services."

You know, I get plenty of mail offering to increase the length of volume of my cumshots, along with offers of many-a-photoshoot of a catholic schoolgirl, but not once have I received an actual offer of prostitution. I suppose I live in the sheltered end of the Internet.

Unfortunately most of the messages I get like these two about ROCKDUDE420sfq and Retsub100:

"This person sent me an e-mail saying
i can not use e-mail or go into chat rooms and aol was going to suspend me cause my screen name is sending out spam e-mail can you find this person and shut him down
this is the 4th time ive gotten an e-mail like this
thanks so much
Robert borg"

"This person has a program that can boot you off aol and constantly uses it. Please check"

Sometimes the scams are more personal though…

"mikeyfin-micheal crowell has been sn hacking! has been hacked off of her own sn's by this person and now your listing me as a guest on my own sn's because of this man from overland park kansas who inpersonating me on my own screen name. he's eastern standard time when i'm pacific standard time. Please do something about this pirite on my name. wilma mayfield please call me at 1 951 789-9229 Riverside california"

I have only one word for that: ARRR!

I think Ema50g6rz's probably not a prostitute, but I do suspect that she's an automated email system trying to trick TLB2259 into purchasing a webcam jackoff membership…

I received this IM this morning. I don't appreciate it. I don't mind members contacting me to chat.....common interests, friendly chat. This was an ad to check out/join this girls website to view her webcam. I have copied and pasted the message I received. The last line about "if you don't want me to IM you just write remove" was very small and faded......obviously an auto added message.

Ema50g6rz [9:44 AM]: Hey Cutie, How was your day?
I was wondering if you would like to meet up sometime....I was checking out your profile and I only live a few miles from you. You can check out my profile on aol or here... www*Cryssie*mx*tc (replace the * with a Dot or period so you are able to go to the site, see you soon!!) If you dont want me to IM you anymore just say remove me
TLB2259 [9:47 AM]: why are you sending an IM to me?

Then of course there's the alien being babynena926:

"she has been very disrespectful and has been using very vogur languague talkin bad to people and about stufff like porn"

Ack! She's speaking vogur! Does that mean she's about to assplode the earth to make way for an interplanetary expressway… just don't let her read you any of her poetry. Or am I getting Vogurs mixed up with Vogons again?