On the open sea

A brief post before I get back to work… Cooked some noodles and vegetables with miso and seaweed for lunch. I know, most of what I cook looks almost the same and uses the same ingredients. That's in part because you can only get so many different things in Mexico, in part because one person can only eat so much so I tend to use the same pieces a few times before using up the purchase, and in part because I limit myself to things that don't take long to cook because of my schedule.

In regards to seaweed consumption (very healthy!), I've talked about eating dulse in this diary before, but down here in Mexico I have no idea where I can get a good supply of sea vegetables, other than a few sushi-related items. I realize that in theory one can eat pretty much any plant that grows in the sea, but I don't know quite enough about it (or the local pollution levels) to do so yet… if you're feeling generous I put some books on the subject in my Amazon wishlist but maybe I should just order some seaweed directly? I'm not sure it would get across the border though.

On sort of on the same oceanic theme, I just have to admit that my CAD skills have become absolutely abysmal with lack of practice. I'm trying to do a couple quick, rough sketches of my boat design so I can visualize it in three dimensions…

Other than that, Rachel and I leave for France and elsewhere in Europe (Belgium, the Netherlands) in a few days, for a total of a ten day trip if I remember right. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do or want to volunteer as a tour guide? Drop her a line…

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