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In the mid to late 1990s, a number of Russia officials admitted to — although both the US and Russia governments denied it — having “misplaced” as many as a hundred miniature nukes. These suitcase nukes are small, portable, and discrete nuclear bombs in the one to two kiloton range. Some have suggested these weapons don't exist, and others suggest that even if they do, they would be “expired” by now, but for quite some time there have been reports that Al Qaeda purchased at least forty nuclear warheads from former Soviet agents.

According to Joseph Farah, these nukes have already been moved inside the continental US via existing drug smuggling pathways. The “final attack”, a culmination of ten years work, seeks to kill four million Americans, half of them children, as vengeance for the millions of Muslims killed — perhaps inadvertently, and perhaps indirectly, but still killed — by American corporations and the American government over the past quarter century. I can't say that I'm convinced that these claims are based on particularly solid fact, but here's what you're looking at with two kiloton suitcase nukes and forty kiloton warheads if you blow them up in various North American cities:

L-R: San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York, Toronto
Inner circles = total destruction/death, outer circles = major destruction.

Even a “small” bomb (let alone a small warhead) could effectively level the financial and business hubs of most major cities, and kill between fifty and a hundred thousand people depending on the population density. Repeat this across the nation a dozen times and you'd cripple if not destroy the American economy (and do immense damage to the world economy) — and the American way of life I suspect… And I fear to think what Bush's reaction to such an attack would be. Hello, rapture.

…and, if this end-game really is in play, nothing can be done to stop it.

Wait… we have other options.

Need a new and survivable homestead and lifestyle?

Note: To be clear, personally I think the above scenario is extremely unlikely. I do not personally believe that any terrorist organizations have meaningful nuclear programs, let alone ones that are this close to strike-capability. I do think that China is a looming threat through, and who knows what a war between Pakistan and India could set off globally…

Greetings from Seattle


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i think what u do is the nastiest thing and the world why would u wreck something so precious like the human bodie like tthat i think u people should be put in jail

Leg One Almost Complete

France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK are about to come to a finish after a one night stopover here in London. Flying back to North America in the morning, then I have a three or four day stop-over, then it's off to Venezuela. Haven't really had a chance to get out and do and see as much as would be nice but it's been a good vacation so far and I'm looking forward to the final leg.

Oops, a bird crapped on this dude…

View from our hotel in Amsterdam…

Coming in for a landing in London.

I was surprised to see a Concorde.

PS. We're all gonna diiiieeeeeee! (more)

Even in death…

I just came across a “encounter with Keith” stories on someone's blog…

We go to the wake. One part pierced, tattooed freakly looking people, one part cugini. Ryan sees his ex... its pretty fuckin' sad- here is this guy who apparently was full of life and he's fuckin there- in a box with a baseball cap on and a popped collar- and he's fuckin' dead. A few weeks ago she was asking Ryan about areas of Brooklyn for them to look at houses in off craigslist- and now is is nothing more than a make-shift collage and a flower arrangement shaped like an electric guitar.

Update: Post removed by blogmaster)

It's sort of odd reading about how a stranger perceives someone from their wake alone…

Always learning!

I still haven't found the right words to write anything even remotely sufficient — Keith was the first person I ever interviewed on BME and helped with every stage of its development in one way or another (including Jordan, who Keith gave a trial by fire and then heartily recommended). But let me link to various eulogies around the web; if you follow the forum links as well there are more here on IAM.

Memories and more

I Wanna Rock

Video by Keith's sister about his musical history and more:

It's an 8 meg quicktime file juts over three minutes long.

"To me, success was always doing what I wanted to do, so I could die tomorrow and I'd feel extremely successful."

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