Monthly Archives: July 2005

Paris Tourist Pictures

We took a nice looong walk around Paris today starting at our hotel in the Latin Quarter, up to the Louvre, down to the Eiffel Tower and back again. Paris so far is really nice, and we had the good luck (well, my good luck anyway, I don't think Rachel was quite as thrilled) to come across a wacky art school music performance (top centre photo). Well, time to rest the legs now…

Just got to Paris

So, the UK says that it's going to pull troops out of Iraq, and a few days later bombs go off across London… I'll spare you the conspiracy theories as to who would want to keep Brits scared and behind the war… We weren't sure if it was going to affect anything (we passed through London earlier today) but other than the occasional cop with a machinegun it seemed pretty business-as-usual.

Anyway, we're in Paris for the next few days, then off to Belgium (Liege) and on to Amsterdam after that. If you're around, drop us a line. We know our other destinations fairly well but this is our first time in Paris. Anyway, I'm going to try and build a BME update and get it posted, the connection here feels solid so I think I can successfully FTP a big file.

The view from our hotel room:

It kind of reminds me of Buenos Aires in some ways…

I'm outa here

See y'all in prison France.

Fuck the DoJ

According to my logs, the Department of Homeland security and other government agencies spent today browsing BME. Some very unpleasant things are afoot. Unfortunately I can not talk about them at this time. Please consider supporting the Free Speech Coalition and the ACLU.

I have contacted some of you directly in cases where you are directly affected. If I have not contacted you, you are most likely not directly affected.

Found Photos

Found via MeFi. The basic concept is logging on to various P2P filesharing aps, and looking through generalized folders called “pictures” (and posting the found art)…

Is that Crispin Glover in the middle picture?