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So there are now a few dedicated tattoo and body art blogs for people to read. Most obviouisly there's our own FREE's high brow site, needled: tattoo couture, and the A&E sponsored (to promote their TV show of the same name) INKEDblog. There are some older blogs as well like the now seemingly defunct InKeys, as well as a couple dozen bot-managed spamblogs, and I'm sure more to come (and I guess my Zentastic blog, but that's got a broader subject range).

I've been thinking about adding one or two dedicated blogs to BME, one that will basically replace the current newsfeed that we've been running since 2002 with a more robust blog-based format, and a second “modblog” featuring personal stories and mini-featurettes (like the picture below, but with a little two paragraph interview accompanying it)… Or maybe they should be in the same index?

Matching Marriage Tattoos

In Venezuela we met an eccentric sci-fi author who despises the term “blog”… said it sounds too much like puking and is a vulgar term. In his novel, the term “wiary” is used instead. I know it's too late to change it now, but I have to admit that I far prefer that term. It's a little corny maybe, but really, anything would be better than “blog” — thanks a lot Jorn.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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