Dead cats and broken bottles

So, one of the cats that lives next to Jordan's house got hit by a car. This is Mexico, so they don't have people who come and clean up roadkill — and the Pekin restaurant already got in trouble for cooking cats, so they've cut back on that dish (I kid you not — but it could be worse). Anyway, so this dead cat lay by the side of the road, occasionally getting run over again, and after a few days was pretty stinky… Now every time someone walks past they kick a little more dirt on top of it, so now there's a kind of “anti-pothole” in the road with a cat's paw sticking out of it.

I smashed my toe last night; stubbed it into a chair and flipped off my toenail. It didn't hurt as much as it probably looks like in the closeup here. I guess I must have been in a smashing mood or something because every Pacifico I opened just broke off below the rim… But I suppose I was being a little aggressive in my bottle opening style.

Other than that, I did make borscht yesterday and had it for breakfast (like revenge, it's a dish best served cold). It's really good, but a bit too spicy… I only used two habaneros in the pot, but I guess the beets somehow amplified their flavor or something.

This story about a four star general being sacked after being accused of having an affair is pretty crazy when you consider that the generals involved with the torture scandal have been promoted… now those are some nutty priorities. Well, I suppose if nuclear war is on the horizon, the more amoral psychos you can get in power the better, right?

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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