Everything I cook looks the same?

I thought I'd post a few more things I've eaten recently. All of them were quite good and are 100% vegan (although I admit I didn't check the ingredients for the bagels so there's a chance they have egg in them). Anyway, let's get started:

This is grilled vegetables in a sweet sauce of mixed oils (corn, olive, and sesame) and an apple cider reduction, spiced with freshly ground sesame seeds and baby red chile pods fried with fresh habanero and jalepeno, and served on a toasted bagel.

These are bean noodles fried with roasted chick peas, corn, and red onion, with a thick glaze sauce of lime, soy, sesame, and brown sugar.

This is a rough hummus made of tahini, hand crushed chick peas (not blended), garlic, cumin, fresh ground guajillo peppers (a relatively mild pepper) and red chiles, apple cider vinegar, and a little olive oil. It's served on a bagel with sliced raw green pepper on the side.

All of those dishes took less than ten minutes of preparation time (and at most twenty minutes of cooking, but they're pretty much “just make sure you walk into the room to check on it every few minutes” kind of cooking so I don't entirely count that time).

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